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7 Middle School Teachers To Follow on Instagram

Podcasts, anti-racism organizations, and innovative lesson plans are just a few ways these middle school teacher-influencers are changing the game.


by Jessica Ward

Instagram is becoming a hub for teachers to post their ideas, motivation, and innovative ways of teaching. These teachers are providing insight so you can get inspired and shake things up in the classroom!

Mrs. Sutton / @miss_sutton6th

Mrs. Sutton is a 6th grade teacher committed to making her classroom a place of equality. She is a founding member of TEYA, a program dedicated to empowering students through anti-racism. She also features books for students and teachers alike to read to create a more inclusive environment for all.


Ellen / @mathallday

Students struggling with math? Ellen is a 7th grade math teacher with all the answers you seek— with fun classroom activities, books, and programs, she can help you keep students engaged during those tricky lessons, whether you’re in person or remote!


Flying_Colors_Science is the pseudonym for a Rhode Island-based science teacher who knows how to keep the subject exciting. Her informative posts will inspire you to bring nature into the classroom, and you might even learn something in the process yourself. What’s more, this teacher lives on a peacock farm! It doesn’t get much cooler than that.


Ms. Schukei / @Ralstonmart

It’s time to get creative! Ms. Schukei is a 7th and 8th grade art teacher who loves to share her ideas for innovative projects. From making homemade candles to tie-dye masks, there’s something bright and colorful for students of every skill level.


Emily / @readitwriteitlearnit

Whether your students are grappling with literature or you need some new reading material, Emily’s Instagram account is a one-stop-shop for middle school English teachers. She has all kinds of resources available, like writing workshops, free downloads, and remote teaching advice.


Jessica Chatman / @preparetogetschooled

Jessica Chatman is a 6th grade ELA teacher dedicated to helping other teachers stay motivated. From inspirational quotes to exciting writing assignments that are more like games, her Instagram account is rejuvenating and resourceful at the same time—just what the doctor ordered!


Hunter Flesch / @edessentials_

As a teacher, keeping an open mind is essential. That’s why this Iowa teacher started a podcast by teachers, for teachers. “School of Thought” covers a wide range of topics such as leadership, creativity, and what it takes to be a next-level teacher, all through thorough discussion and insight. Hunter Flesch wants you to bring your A game to the classroom!

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Originally posted 2021

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