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10 Teachers You Should Follow on Social Media

by Emily Graham

Teachers You Should Follow on Social Media

Whether you’re teaching online or in a classroom, no one gets what it’s like quite like another teacher. We looked for teacher social media accounts that you can learn from and laugh with and that’ll remind you on hard days that you’re not alone.


Art Instruction: Nylah Khan

Nylah Khan’s Instagram features colorful photos of completed student art projects and information on how the lessons tied into the curriculum. Her students range from preK to 8th grade, so you’re bound to find something to match your students’ skill levels. Khan is also one of the teachers behind the site Anti-Racist Art Teachers, which has resources on diversifying art education. She posts on Instagram.

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Connecting With Students: Trevor Boffone

He’s a high school Spanish teacher, but to his fans online, Trevor Boffone is known more for his viral dancing videos. Boffone started making the videos as a way to connect with his students; after the class had finished its work for the week, they could make a Dubsmash dance video. The videos also serve as a way to build community at school. Students often join in on dancing challenges, and many clips show teachers busting a move. Boffone is active on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.


Early Elementary and Social Studies: Lanesha Tabb

You might know of kindergarten teacher Lanesha Tabb from the book she coauthored on creating a culture-centered curriculum or her resources on talking with kids about racism. At educator conferences and on her blog, Tabb encourages educators to break out of using the same lesson plans they’ve used for years and to try new approaches to teaching. She also shares video lessons, plenty of memes and funny posts about teaching, and the occasional contest. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


Early Reading: Nita Creekmore

Former elementary teacher Nita Creekmore is an instructional coach and a frequent speaker on self-care for teachers. Her social media accounts feature tips for teaching reading, children’s book recommendations, posts on trauma-informed instruction, and information on product giveaways for teachers. She is active on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


Education Advocate: Nicholas Ferroni

On high school history teacher Nicholas Ferroni’s social media you’re just as likely to find candid talk about the challenges teachers face as you are encouragement for LGBTQ students and teachers and extra credit assignments. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.


Educational Technology: Alice Keeler

If you want tips about using technology to teach (and who doesn’t these days?), follow teacher consultant Alice Keeler. On her YouTube channel, Keeler explains many online tools, from using Google Classroom for the first time to teaching with Minecraft. She breaks down more topics on her Teacher Tech blog. In addition to YouTube, Keeler is active on Facebook and Instagram.


Elementary STEAM: Chelsey Odgers

Chelsey Odgers posts student art project ideas, educational app tutorials, and her latest teacher finds at Target. You’ll also find tips for creating anchor charts and helping class videoconferences go more smoothly. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube.


Help for Teacher Burnout: Amber Harper

The struggle is real for teachers, and author, educator, and personal coach Amber Harper is here to help. Her social media profiles and podcast, “Burned-In Teacher,” have real talk about teacher burnout and share steps to help teachers move from feeling overwhelmed to empowered. Harper posts to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube.


Middle School Teacher Humor: Maria Ferri

Science teacher Maria Ferri makes funny TikTok videos about things students say and how they act, and posts heartfelt confessions about the challenges of teaching. You’ll also find the occasional science experiment demonstration on her TikTok profile. She also posts on Facebook and Instagram.

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Support for New Teachers: Rebecca Saltzman

Spanish teacher Rebecca Saltzman hosts the podcast Ready, Set, TEACH and started a support group for new teachers on Facebook. She works to connect new teachers with teacher mentors and posts encouraging messages to help all teachers through tough days. You can also find her on Instagram.

Originally posted 2020

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