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Back-To-School Supply Shopping – Changing The Game

We’re Changing the Game of Back-to-School Supply Shopping

What if you could wave a wand and your child’s school supplies would appear at your doorstep? Some would say that would be magical—a real game-changer.

As it happens, you don’t even need a wand—you just need your smartphone or computer and you can easily locate, order, and have delivered all the supplies needed for the first day of school. And the best part about it is you can get those supplies from your favorite place to shop! Whether you’re a proud card-carrying member of Prime or love your Target REDcard (see below for our full list of retailers), you get to pick—we’re all about making it convenient!

Here’s how it works:

1. Teachers or school administrators add the school supply lists to TeacherLists.com. This makes them available to parents everywhere and on lots of major retailer websites. This is a super easy process for schools —much easier than creating and printing paper lists!

2. Parents then visit TeacherLists.com and search by school zip code and grade/class.

3. You select where you want to order from. Choose from major retailers like Target, Walmart, Office Depot/Office Max, Amazon, ShopRite, and EPI Supplies.

4. Check out online, and the supplies are delivered to your doorstep (or you can pick them up at a local store, if you prefer).

We’ve heard from our friends at schools across the country that this “click and ship” back-to-school supply shopping has been a major game-changer these past few years and continues to be a gift to loads of parents at back-to-school time.

We’re just glad that you no longer need to deal with that awful feeling the night before school starts when you realize that you’ve forgotten something on THE LIST. It will all be in your hands and ready to go, and you won’t even have to step foot in a store if you don’t want to—it’s a win!


Originally posted 2018

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