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Checklist for the End of the School Year

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The end of the year is finally upon us! Before you pack up your classroom for the next few months, go through this checklist of last-minute to-dos, then you’re free to soak up the summer rays! 


Take Inventory 

You’re likely down a few classroom items since the beginning of the year. Things break, students accidentally take things home–life happens. See what you have left that’s still in decent shape for next year. Throw out whatever’s no good, pack up what you’ll use next year, and don’t forget to offer up your unnecessary gently used supplies to your colleagues!  


Claim Your Lounge Items 

This is your reminder to grab that mug you keep leaving in the cabinet summer after summer. 


Reflect on the Year 

What went well? What didn’t go as planned? Revisit your lesson plans and classroom activities to determine what to use again next year. Take it a step further and ask your students what their favorite and least favorite activities were. 


Celebrate with Your Students 

You did it! They couldn’t have done it without you, and vice versa. Throw a party for the whole class–games, selfie stations, the whole nine yards to commemorate all the accomplishments you’ve achieved together! 


Delete Those Old Emails 

We know, we know. What if this will be important later? Shouldn’t I keep it just in case? Some of your emails have been sitting in your inbox since the beginning of the year, and old emails clutter your mind just like a cluttered desk. Get ‘em out of there! 


Clean Up Your Classroom in Sections 

Cleaning and packing up for the summer is a notoriously daunting task. Instead of coming in one afternoon and doing it all in a single go, break it down into smaller chunks in the weeks leading up to the last day of school. For example, 

Organize the classroom library on Monday 

Empty classroom cabinets on Tuesday  

Vacuum rugs and carpets on Wednesday 

Clear walls on Thursday 

Clean your desk on Friday 


Get Grades In 

Double, triple, and quadruple check that every assignment is graded and accounted for. Give students with missing assignments one last chance to get partial credit on what they missed. 

Make a Summer Bucket List

Dreaming of the summer days can help keep you motivated to get everything done. Make a list of everything you want to do this summer. Not just the important things, but the fun things, too!

Get Ready for Next Year 

Upload your supply list, recycle successful lessons and activities, start drafting your introduction email to parents for August–whatever tasks you can do now so you can have a stress-free summer!  

Originally posted 2023

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