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7 Art Teachers To Follow on Instagram

Need some new ideas for your art classroom? These art teachers share tons of creative project ideas and tips on Instagram.


When it comes to social media, art teachers offer a wealth of content to endlessly scroll through. They inspire not only other educators, but anyone who enjoys seeing the mind of a creative spirit in action. We rounded up our top 7 art teacher accounts that deserve a follow from you ASAP. Check them out below.

Khadesia Latimer / @thebusybrushes
Mrs. Latimer’s Instagram tagline reads, “put your passion on display,” and that’s exactly what we see when we scroll through this elementary art teacher’s feed. Teaching her students about the importance of saving the earth through art, we especially love the over-the-top floral Earth Day display she created. Check out her quick video tutorial and recreate the activity in your own classroom.

Sarah Krajewski / @artroomglitterfairy

As the recipient of the 2019 Wisconsin Art Educator of the Year award, Sarah Krajewski knows how to make art meaningful to her young students. Aside from teaching and blogging, she is the host of the weekly IG live chat for @theartofed (The Art of Education University). If you haven’t already picked up on her favorite art supply from her username, Sarah literally turns into a glitter fairy–sporting a tiara, wings, and wand–for special classroom projects that deserve a little extra shine.


Andrew Kiczek / @elementaryarts

The thing we love most about Andrew’s Instagram feed is his mix of rainbow inspired art projects, combined with beautiful motivational quotes that leave you feeling ready to tackle the day. One hilariously cute theme that you’ll see peppered throughout his feed is his use of stuffed crayons (created by another one of our teacher faves, @nylah.khan) to express how he is feeling that day.

❤️= Amazing, ready to seize the rest of this week.
?= Perplexed, not really sure.
?= Happy, super motivated to create!
? = Surprised, something shocked you at school today.
? = Grateful, excited its almost the weekend!
? = Exhausted, it’s been a long week.


Ms. Levy / @mslevyteachesart

Not only an art teacher, Ms. Levy is also the co-founder of @antiracistartteachers, where she works towards removing biases, stereotypes, and false narratives in art education. Her belief that art is a visual language and its role in activism is vital is shown proudly throughout her feed, and her weekly #huntforinspiration posts remind us that “bad art is also art.”


Lauralee Chambers / @2art.chambers

Lauralee is truly a rockstar educator. She works in two schools, creating art with over 900 children. She proudly displays her students artwork throughout her feed, showing everything from an inspiring #savetheseaturtle project where she worked to educate her class on the importance of saving endangered species, to playful ice cream sundaes created by her sweet 1st graders. 


Joel Scholten / @scholtenart

As an art teacher and reading specialist, Mr. Scholten regularly incorporates books into his lesson plans. He teaches his students the importance of tenacity, social equality, and individuality through age-appropriate books. He then follows up with an art project that visually displays what they’ve learned. 


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Laura Lohmann / @paintedpaperart

Art teacher and author, Laura Lohmann, is known for her colorful painted paper lessons. In her book “Mini Masterpieces: Exploring Art History With Hands-On Projects for Kids” she encourages young artists to explore the various art materials through projects inspired by a diverse collection of famous artists. Her Instagram page is not only beautiful, it’s also full of thoughtful interpretations of renowned works of art.


Originally posted 2021

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