25 Halloween Costume Ideas for Teachers

Updated 04/23/19

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Fall can be one of the busiest seasons for elementary school teachers. Between parent-teacher conferences, mounds of paperwork, and classroom party planning, there are times when even the most Pinterest-savvy teachers find themselves scrambling to find a last-minute Halloween costume. So this year, we’re giving you a head start. We’ve scoured Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Jet to find the best Halloween costumes for teachers, and the costumes that are on sale right now. Just pick your favorite, click to order, and check that baby off your to do list! (And for all you DIY teachers out there, there are a few in here for you, too!)

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Let’s start with the basics (and our personal favorite): school-supply-theme costumes


Woman in green crayola crayon costume

2. Crayola Crayon Box

Man wearing crayola crayons costume

3. Pencil

Man wearing number 2 pencil costume

4. Rock, Paper, Scissors (without the rock part)

Man wearing notebook paper costume and woman wearing scissors costume


Book and movie-theme costumes are always a Halloween “do”

5. Cat in the Hat

Woman wearing Cat In The Hat costume

6. Minion

Girl wearing Minion character costume

7. Where’s Waldo

Where's Waldo Costume

8. Wonder Woman

Woman wearing Wonder Woman costume

9. Mr. Potato Head

Woman wearing Mrs. Potato Head costume

10. Mary Poppins

Woman wearing Mary Poppins costume

11. Alice in Wonderland

Woman wearing Alice in Wonderland costume

12. Harry Potter

Man wearing Harry Potter costume

13. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Woman wearing mouse costume holding a cookie

Photo credit: Amanda Terhune/mrsterhune.blogspot.com


14. A Bad Case of Stripes

Via Buzzfeed.com


15. Pete the Cat 

Via bolindoodlebugs.blogspot.com

Pop-culture costumes–because kids love them and so do we

16. Fidget Spinner

Man wearing Fidgit Spinner costume

17. Emoji

Man wearing smiling emoji costume

18. Snapchat Deer

Via SheKnows.com

And finally, historical figures – because who doesn’t like to travel back in time?

19. Pilgrim

Woman wearing pilgrim costume

20. Statue of Liberty

Woman wearing Statue of Liberty costume

21. Abraham Lincoln

Man wearing Abe Lincoln costume

22. George Washington

Man wearing George Washington costume

23. Amelia Earhart

Woman wearing Amelia Earheart costume

24. Cleopatra

Woman wearing Cleopatra costume

25. Betsy Ross

Woman wearing Betsy Ross costume

26. Ben Franklin

Man wearing Ben Franklin Costume


Happy Halloween!

Don’t forget to upload your class wish list for all your classroom party supply needs. Parents can order items directly through Amazon!


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