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10 Activities to Promote Kindness in the Classroom

Kindness in the classroom

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

As teachers help shape children into the person they will become, they encourage them to be anything they want to be. At the core, though, teachers instill values that will cultivate these students to be their best selves. Teaching kindness is at the root.

Studies have shown that when kids incorporate acts of kindness into their daily lives, their physical, emotional and mental health benefits. They tend to be happier, more self-confident, and have an increased sense of belonging.

The best part—since we are quoting popular quotes—“kindness is contagious.” Being kind to someone usually inspires that person to be kind to others. So go ahead and try out some of these simple classroom activities to lay the foundation of kindness in your classroom.


“Tootle” board

“Tootling” is the opposite of tattling—it’s a fun way to get students to report on positive peer behaviors that they observe throughout the day instead of focusing on the negative.

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100 Acts of Kindness

Celebrate kindness in your classroom by completing 100 acts of kindness! Use our free printable to gather some ideas of different acts and keep track as the 100 acts are completed.

100 Acts of Kindness


Kindness chain

This is a simple way to acknowledge the small acts of kindness we experience each day. Whenever a student does or experiences an act of kindness, they write it down on a strip of construction paper and add a “link” to the chain of kindness. Students can try to make the chain go all the way around the classroom!

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Kindness rocks

This fun activity encourages students to spread kindness through art and a little adventure. A project trend that went viral, painting kindness rocks requires a little paint, a rock, and a lot of kindness. Students paint a rock, write something kind on it, and then place it somewhere for someone else to find and brighten their day. These can be placed around the school or the community!

Kindness rocks

via Inspire Kindness


Kindness catcher

This is a fun way for students to “catch” other students being kind. When an act of kindness is observed, the students fill out a slip (download this free printable) to put in the kindness catcher bin. Teachers can read them aloud or send them home for parents to see.

via Teaching with Haley


Kindness postcards

All it takes to uplift someone is a few kind words. Letting students showcase their artistic talents and work on fine motor skills, students can decorate postcards with short, encouraging messages to each other. They can also create these postcards and write notes of appreciation to school staff and others outside of your classroom.

Kindness postcards

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Bucket fillers

Many teachers encourage “bucket-filling” throughout the year—having students filling other students’ invisible buckets by saying or doing nice things for each other. There are tons of great books to introduce and accompany bucket-filling throughout the year (Have You Filled a Bucket Today, Bucket Filling from A to Z, Fill a Bucket—all by Carol McCloud), but nothing beats actual bucket-filling. Allow students to physically fill their classmates’ buckets with words of encouragement every day. Give each student their own bucket, hanging as a class of buckets. Next to these buckets, place slips of paper, allowing students to write a message of kindness to fill a classmate’s bucket with.

via One Kreative Kindergarten


Kindness bingo

Always a classroom favorite, a bingo game like this one is a great way to get kids thinking about different acts of kindness that they can try. Once the game is over, cut out each idea on the bingo board and put them all into a bag.  Have each student draw a card for their “secret kindness mission.” Students love seeing who can complete their mission first.


“Pay it Forward” chain

Start a Random act of kindness ‘Pay it Forward’ chain – every time someone does a Random act of kindness, they hand a card to the next student for them to fulfill to keep the acts going.

via Make Them Wonder


Mission possible

Send your students on kindness missions. Giving each student a secret mission, students will complete random acts of kindness for another student for seven full days, without letting the other student know—it is a secret mission, after all.

Mission Kindness

via Think Kindness

Originally posted 2023

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