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Summer Reading List (For Teachers!)


You hand out reading lists to your students every summer, but when was the last time you made one for yourself? Summer is the most opportune time to start something new, and there are so many books to read! Regardless of your genre preferences, you probably have some catching up to do. Here are some ideas to get a head start on your summer reading list, based on great online reviews:


Beach Books:

These are the summer staples: feel-good, often romantic and humorous, that are light and breezy, just like the perfect beach day’s weather.


Save What’s Left


One Night on the Island

by Josie Silver

Lunar Love

by Lauren Kung Jessen



Don’t slip down the summer slide where you stop learning just because school’s out! Summer is a great time to learn something new or see things from a different perspective. 


Agua Viva

by Clarice Lispector


The Creative Act: A Way of Being

by Rick Rubin


The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

by Edith Holden


Short stories:

Sometimes we’re busier than expected during the summer. The solution? Short stories. Get engrossed in a selection of stories just as compelling as full novels. 



by Kazu Ishiguro


Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

 by Z.Z Packer


Death in Midsummer

by Yukio Mishima



Maybe light and breezy isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re looking for a little more excitement– maybe a little mystery– just like your favorite true crime podcast. 


Our Share of the Night

by Mariana Enriquez


Promise Boys

by Nick Brooks



by Jinwoo Chong



Perfect for getting lost in another world. 


A House with Good Bones

by T. Kingfisher


The Fifth Wound

by Aurora Mattia


We Are All So Good at Smiling

by Amber McBride


Historical fiction:

History buffs, these are for you. Or for anyone who binge-watches period pieces on the weekends. 


The Unlocked Path

by Janis Robinson Daly 


The Book of Eve

by Meg Clothier


A Dangerous Education

by Megan Chance



Stellar imagery, lyrical expression. Some of the most moving pieces you’ll read this summer.


Dyscalculia: A Love Story of Epic Miscalculation 

 by Camonghne Felix


Roaring Twenties 

by Taylor C. Milnes 


The Home Child

by Liz Berry

Originally posted 2022

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