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Updated 03/2/18

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School Supply Lists

A lot of times when we introduce TeacherLists to a new school or parent, they assume that TeacherLists is a prepackaged box of supplies. We get it—the kits have been used in schools for a while and are a familiar item, and TeacherLists is a new concept. It’s an updated and different way to get those much needed back-to-school supplies.


Part of the TeacherLists difference is that it’s customized, convenient, and comprehensive. Here’s what we mean.


TeacherLists customization is two-fold.


  1. 1.  TeacherLists is not merely a school supply compilation, it’s a list truly personalized to individual classrooms’ needs and budgets. Teachers, administrators, or parents hand pick the most needed items for the classroom. They can select brand, color, and quantity and even add notes to ensure that the items brought to school are really what will help each student have a successful year. They may also add items that are optional or that only certain students are required to purchase.


  1. 2.  In turn, parents don’t have tobuy every item on a list—they can pick and choose what they need to purchase and from which store they would like to buy the items. So if a parent has some extra highlighters at home, she doesn’t need to buy three more. Or if she knows she’s heading to Target later, she can click and pick up the supplies she needs. 



TeacherLists is a website that has online lists parents or teachers can access anytime, from anywhere. They just need a device and WiFi. It’s also available year round. A teacher or administrator can create the list, edit it, share it, or print it at any time. There is no deadline for ordering the supplies or expiration date for the list. Parents can then access the list in the summer or in the fall, in Walmart or at the mall. They can order supplies from a computer or on a phone, pick them up or ship them home. If you ask us, it’s all very poetic.



A lot of times teachers have a specific brand or quantity that they want on their list. These aren’t always available through standard boxed kits so they end up with a box of most of the items they want and then a small list of additional items they would like students to have as well. The additional items are things like white sox to erase whiteboardsWith TeacherLists there’s a lot of flexibility. Standard supplies like notebooks and pencils are available but teachers and administrators can also add custom items to a lists like skittles, carabiner clips, or a mouse trap. (Yep, we’ve seen it all.) Parents then know exactly what is needed and are able to go out and shop for it or order it all via an online or local retailer.

We took the task of school supply shopping and did a quick rethink, and the result is TeacherLists. Think of it as more of an “out of the box” school supply solution!










Originally posted 2017

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