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12 Must-Try Classroom Organizational Hacks

These organizational hacks won’t break the bank and will save your sanity in the classroom.

For some teachers, being organized is in their DNA. But to many others it’s a daily struggle that is easy to lose sight of when things get hectic. We scoured our favorite Instagram accounts to find tried and true hacks that real teachers use to make their teaching lives more efficient so they can focus on what really matters in the classroom.

1. “Pupil work baskets” will easily keep track of what is and isn’t graded or complete.


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2. Calling all bulletin board border hoarders! Border folders are a must for storing your monthly border designs.


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3. Use candy jars as storage for small supplies and classroom rewards.



4. This teacher toolbox is filled with drawers that hold everything from tiny art supplies to adhesive bandages.



5. Go thrifting in your own basement (or a family member’s) for unwanted things you can use in your own classroom.



6. Use colorful tape to make it easy for kids to store their tablets or laptops in an organized fashion.



7. Assign each student a number for the year and fasten these floor stickers along the edge of the room for a stress-free lineup system.



8. Use wooden block holders to neatly store markers and keep them from drying out.



9. Hang metal planter buckets along your walls for supply storage. Get bonus points for color coordinating!



10. Set up a quarantine station for shared classroom items.



11. Save scraps of construction paper and extra crayons in color-coded drawer organizers.



12. Place pillowcases over chairs to give students extra storage space for their supplies and less clutter on their desks.


Originally posted 2021

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