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12 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities

There’s lots of mischievous fun to be had on St. Patrick’s Day! From growing your own lucky clovers to setting up genius leprechaun traps, students of all ages can celebrate the holiday in an easy, fun, and educational way.


St. Patrick’s Day Fun Packet
Let the leprechaun leave this fun packet behind to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your classroom through coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and more. Download this free printable!


Leprechaun Trap Blueprints
How will your students catch a leprechaun? Download this free printable to help bring their ideas to life, and maybe someone will finally catch one!

Leprechaun Traps


Rainbow Handprints
A St. Patrick’s Day twist on Thanksgiving hand turkeys, all these require is a handprint, the colors of the rainbow, and a lucky leprechaun’s gold!

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Shamrock Kettles
Encourage your students to grow this St. Patrick’s Day! These shamrock kettles are not only creative and fun; they also give your kids the opportunity to learn about seeds and understand the process of planting and growing!


Leprechaun Traps
Leprechauns are notoriously mischievous and visit classrooms nationwide around the holiday. It’s time to put a stop to their impish ways! Get your students in on the fun with these leprechaun traps—guaranteed to save your classroom from St. Patrick’s Day mayhem.

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Festive Writing Assignments
Your students can channel all of their excitement for St. Patrick’s Day through words. Guided holiday prompts such as “I Feel Lucky When…” are a great way to help students practice their writing in a fun, festive project.

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End of Rainbow Swirls
This rainbow is a little different from the rest. It twists, turns, and looks different from every angle, but that old tale still rings true—there’s a pot of gold at the very end!

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Mosaic Paper Shamrock
Inspire the inner artist in your students with these mosaic paper shamrocks. The more shades of green they can choose from, the more unique each piece will be. No two will look alike.

via happinessishomemade.net


Fizzing Pots of Gold
Who said leprechauns are a myth? These fizzing pots of gold are real science! This combination of baking soda, white vinegar, and food coloring are a great way to get the class talking about real-life chemical reactions.

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Toilet Paper Roll Leprechaun Hats
This timeless craft is a classic, with classrooms across the country celebrating with their own DIY leprechaun hats. This crowd-pleasing craft is a guaranteed hit in the classroom!

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Rainbow Shamrock Sun Catcher
Just in time for the first day of spring, these rainbow shamrock sun catchers will invite in the longer days with style, color, and a little bit of luck—a seasonal keepsake that is sure to come back out every spring.

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Treasure Pots
What do your students treasure? Get them thinking about what they consider themselves lucky to have with their very own treasure pot—each gold coin is another token of gratitude.

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Originally posted 2021

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