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Fiskars: Scissors Sizes for Your Students

Did you know your students need appropriately sized scissors to fit their hands while they grow? Many don’t realize, but the muscles used to control scissors are the same that grip and move a pencil–which means using the correct size scissors while those muscles develop can help students write. Since it’s crucial for students to have the correct size scissors, it’s recommended that you specify the size on your back-to-school supply lists. But, how do you know which size is most appropriate for your students?


Well, Fiskars has done the hard part for you! They’ve measured children’s hands from around the world to develop the best size for each age group. They’ve taken comfort, control, and safety into consideration so students can engage in hands-on activities with ease no matter their age.  


Here’s how to know you have the correct scissors for your students, based on age:  


Starter Scissors: Ages 2+ 

Skill level: Snipping the ends of paper

Challenges: Holding and cutting & gripping loops comfortably 

Fiskars design:

  • Chunky handles instead of loops 
  • Can be used either right- or left-handed
  • Chunky handles are the easiest for tiny hands to grip 
  • Built-in spring helps to automatically re-open scissors for an age who is first learning
  • Plastic blades for safety  


Training Scissors: Ages 3+ 

Skill level: Cutting paper in half 

Challenges: Holding and cutting & gripping different sized loops (of 5 in. scissors)

Fiskars design:

  • Symmetrical handle loops 
  • Can be used either right or left-handed  
  • Training lever included–it automatically reopens for easier cutting and can be disengaged for traditional cutting action
  • Plastic covered metal blades for safety  


5 in. Kids Scissors: Ages 4+ 

Skill level: Cutting in a line, following curves and shapes

Challenges: Fitting fingers in loops of other 5 in. Kids Scissors

Fiskars design:

  • Fitted loops 
  • Large loop is comfortably able to fit 4 fingers 
  • Ergonomic loop for thumb 
  • Handles are in line with blades for precise cutting in air 
  • Metal blades 
  • Available in blunt or pointed tips, both with a safety-edge grind
  • Also available in left-handed, which has reversed blades so left-handed kids can see their cut line

6 in. Big Kids Scissors: Ages 8+ 

Skill level: Cutting complex shapes and sharp angles 

Challenges: Adjusting fingers to fit in loops of 5 in. Kids Scissors

Fiskars design:

  • Longer blades and slightly larger handles, still comfortably able to fit 4 fingers of a growing hand
  • Able to tackle more advanced projects  
  • Also available in left-handed, which has reversed blades so left-handed kids can see their cut line

7 in. Student Scissors: Ages 12+ 

Skill level: Cutting advanced shapes & cutting thicker material

Challenges: Needing comfortable handles for extended use

Fiskars design:


  • 3 fingers fit in the large loop with ergonomic loop for thumb 
  • Handles are slightly offset from the blades for better tabletop cutting
  • Also available in left-handed, which has reversed blades so left-handed kids can see their cut line


8 in. Teen Scissors: Ages 15+ 

Skill level: Adult-level performance 

Challenges: Tabletop cutting with in-line blades and handles

Fiskars design:

  • Handles are offset from the blades to keep materials flat while cutting on a tabletop
  • High-quality stainless-steel blades for long-lasting sharpness 
  • Also available in left-handed, which has reversed blades so left-handed kids can see their cut line


 Additional tips: 

  • If you create back-to-school supply lists or wish lists, be sure to specify the size of the scissors in the request. Most families will purchase the correct ones when it’s requested but may not know otherwise.
  • Kids between ages 8-11 need scissors that are more comfortable for them to use and with a longer blade. Fiskars recommends the 6in. Big Kids Scissors for this age group to allow them to be the most comfortable and successful in their cutting tasks. 
  • 99% of teachers recommend Fiskars brand scissors when choosing to recommend a brand.

Originally posted 2024

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338 Comments for Fiskars: Scissors Sizes for Your Students

Maria Webb

I never realized there were so many different sizes of scissors. I’ve been using the wrong size scissors for my third graders. I will be fixing that!


I enjoyed reading about the ages and the why of stages of the Fiskars.


I enjoyed reading about the ages and the why of stages of the Fiskars. I’m glad to now know what scissors my students should have.

Karen Thompson

I did not know about the scissors for the younger age children. That is amazing!

Mary Kuhl

I love kids being able to use the right scissors!

Mary Kuhl

I love that kids have scissors that work for them!


Kids are all unique, and their scissors should be too. Fiskars makes it easy for kids to learn the skill of cutting with their advanced technology and engineering of dependable scissors.


I do have several of the 6in scissors in my third-grade classroom. They work well and the kids seem to like them. 🙂

Marilu Ragno

The article was helpful. I recently changed grades (from 4th to 2nd) and it was quite evident that I needed smaller size scissors.

Rebecca Anne Stalnaker

Very informative, I work with middle schoolers.

Nanette Respess

My lefties never want to use left handed scissors. But Fiskars scissors are the best cutting scissors for students.

Andrea NOYD McWilliams

This article was eye opening for the last fie years my junior high students have been using the wrong scissors ( I have 28 pairs of 5 inch ).

Tracie Yamashita

This is very informative. I was ordering the same scissors type, not realizing there are specific designs for different ages. Fiskars has always been my go-to brand. Thank you!

sheela shukla

That was interesting to know the different types of scissors with skill levels and designs for various age groups.

Nanette Respess

I appreciated learning about all the stages of scissors. My lefties never want to use left handed scissors. And I as a left-handed person, never had the opportunity to use left-handed scissors as they were not around! Fiskars scissors are the best cutting scissors for students.

Cindy Delgado

Fine motor development is essential to penmanship. Correct scissor size is a key part of maturing through fine motor development.

Linda Faber

This article was interesting! It’s good to know that the developmentally appropriate tools are available! This makes me think about people with disabilities and how I should consider the different tools and they might meet their needs!

Mary Blancarte

As a parent and grandparent of a lefty, please don’t forget them 😉 !!

Tanya Webb

This article was very interesting. I’m a middle school teacher and I have always just bought blunt end and sharp point scissors for my classroom and let the children pick which one was most comfortable for them.

Tanya Webb

This article was very interesting. I am a middle school teacher and have always bought blunt end and sharp point scissors for my classroom and let the student choose which one was more comfortable to them.

Ellen Romano

Thank you

Ellen Romano

Thank you, shared with our supply list coordinator

Virginia Medina

I’m glad that you have different scissors for the variuos age and developmental levels.


Yes!!!! Left-handed scissors!!!!


I love the variety of scissors for different age groups! I had no idea

Amy Benson

Why are left handed scissors so hard to find in stores? I have a few pairs of “lefty” scissors but this year I have more left handed students and finding left scissors in the right size is difficult and expensive.


Enjoyed learning that I have used the wrong size for my middle schoolers.


Enjoyed learning that I my middle schoolers were using the wrong size.

Jennie Ratliff

didn’t know there were so many different kinds of scissors for kids. Will definitely consider this when purchasing scissors for my students. Very informative article.


Why are the 7 in scissors so hard to find? All I ever see in the school bins are the up to 12 ones.


I appreciated the knowledge of the different scissors by age. At the beginning of the year, I have students that bring in scissors that are way too large for their hands. I can share this article with parents.

Patty Landy

Great info. Thank you

Jennifer L Thomas

I’ve never thought about how scissors should grow with the child! I need to specify the correct size for my third graders’ supply list.

Kim Pugh

Such great info. I do find though that although my 3rd grade students should be using “Big Kid” scissors that they tend to like the larger student scissors. Their fingers fit better in them.


Interesting read. This is a great article for parents and teachers to help with fine motor skills like cutting paper.


Wow! I knew there were scissors for little people that had rounded ends and for the “bigger” kids the ends get sharper, but I love that there are “teen” scissors for my middle school students that aren’t as intimidating as my large “teacher” scissors! I will definitely be looking into ordering more appropriate sizes for my teen kiddos!


Wow! I’ve been a teacher for almost 30 years and I had no idea about all the different sizes of scissors that existed! I knew that the “little” people used the scissors with rounded edges and as students got older I would give them the same size scissors, but with the points at the end. As a middle school teacher I can’t wait to get the “teen” scissors for my bigger kids that will work for them and not be so intimidating as my “teacher” scissors!


Love the variety. As a 3rd grade teacher I have several levels of cutters. Great info


It is now clear why students have a hard time cutting; from TK-6th grade. Wow! One size really doesn’t fit all!! Not only teachers should be made aware of this factual information but parents as well as those responsible for school purchasing.

Jessica Dahlstrom

I had no idea that there was such a thing as different sized scissors! I luckily have snagged the right type of scissors for my toddler. Super informative!


I never knew that scissors had different types for different hands! What an important article! It makes sooo much sense!

F. Freese

Very helpful information!

Sandy Weber

It is important to match scissor size with students hand sizes.

Kristen Lees

Every year I have more and more students come in with a lack of fine motor skills. I try to practice handwriting, tracing, cutting and gluing as much as possible to practice.

Jacqueline Tuttle

I love this scissors, they are durable.

Jacqueline Tuttle

These scissors are great. I love the durability.


Time to size up my 3rd graders’ scissors!

Cindi Gould

I have always loved Fiscar.

Joshua Ford

Great Products


Very good information here in this article about the sizes of scissors. Great resource to refer back to when dealing with littles!

Saige Jauregui

Very good information here in this article about the sizes of scissors. Great resource to refer back to when dealing with littles!

Kayla W.

I had no idea about the many different sizes!

Rachel Kotheimer

Such great information!

Christiana Kirkpatrick

Awesome! I knew there were other sizes and shapes, but really didn’t understand the why and what for. This was very helpful and cleared up some misconceptions.

Brigitte Walsh

I wish scissor sizes were something that teachers thought about when my kids were growing up! It seemed there was only toddler and adult.

Sheena Buck

I’ve also been using the wrong size. I just used what came with my classroom. Must upgrade!

Monica L Marcum

I didn’t realize my students would need other sizes of scissors until this year. One if my kids said that the scissors they were using were too small. I thought they were using them backwards. I was wrong. It’s not a one size fits all anymore.

Monica L Marcum

Very informative article. Thank you!

Garrett Carr

I teach 6th grade and I feel I would need a combination of the 6in and the 7in scissors because some of my students are ready for them but others are not.

Bonnie W

Thank you for providing this insight. I never knew this information. 🙂

Laura Snook

This was helpful. Good to know which scissors are the best choice for my fourth graders.

Faith Lapham

I knew there were different scissor sizes, but didn’t know the different age separations.

Jolene Columbus

I love that Fiskars done research on hand sizes with scissors. I have often seen students struggle with cutting when using different types and sizes of scissors.

Heather Ward

My reaction to your article on scissors is that I now have proven data to justify why students should cut out there own projects and not ask my aid to do that for them! Thank you for your research!


I did not know there were so many choices of scissors for the younger age children. That is great!


I love how Fiskars has added the reversed blades so left-handed kids can see their cut line!

Becky Morse

I too did not realize that there were different size scissors for different hand sizes. This will be so helpful for our students.

Lisa Kuczwara

Being a 6th-grade teacher, I believe Fiskar scissors are the best. I always remember my mom using them when she sewed. Such great memories with this brand.

Becky Morse

I too did not realize that the kiddo’s needed different size scissors. We will buy different next school year.

Jordyn Neil

I did not realize there were so many options for younger kids to gain understanding of how to use scissors!

David W Schlegel

Helpful info to have.

David W Schlegel

How can I find these different sizes? Where?


I wish all my student’s parents would see this article. So important!

Shawnlee Caballero

Thank you Fiskars! As a classroom teacher, having properly fitting scissors for students is a struggle. Thank you for making it easier for parents and teachers to select the correct sized scissors.

Vicky West

I’ve been teaching for 18 years and I didn’t know that there were different types of scissors for different ages. I thought it was only kid scissors and adult scissors.

Pam Haws

Informative article about scissors for children. I am impressed with the research and availability of different types of scissors.

Marie Suarez

Since the pandemic I’ve noticed a decline in students fine motor skills. Ensuring they have the proper size scissors will definitely help.

Maureen Andrews

Wow, I never knew that there were so many different sized scissors. I will be sharing this with the elementary teachers I know.

Rachel Maxson

I teach 5th. I feel like my kids are right between 6 and 7 inch.

Camille T

Wow! These scissors rock for school kids.

Janel Meverden

I needed this article for sizing when my district brought scissors for the classrooms.

Lauren Lantz

This was a great article. My 4th graders have always outgrown the small scissors so now I know the specific size to request.


I have only the 4+ scissors in my classroom, I learned from this article I need the 12+ size pair of scissors. My poor students hands must hurt every time they use the scissors I have in my classroom. I also had no idea that there were so many different sizes!

Heather Burggraff

Helpful article with great information.

A. Adams

Thanks for the information. I am switching grade levels and will be purchasing the correct size for my students for the next school year.

Ashley Grayson

I enjoy using the different stages of scissors. My 3rd graders use a range of scissors between big kid to teen. Thank you for sharing the article.

Laura Patterson

I only use Fiskars scissors with my kids. They love the bright and attractive colors. I like the quality. I trust the recommendation as to which pair to get for my 5-6 year olds because I know Fiskars has done the research. Always Fiskars. Only Fiskars.

Sharon Turner

The information was very helpful and I appreciated the photos of each type of scissors being included with the descriptions.

Mrs P.

Thanks! Being new to preschool, I didn’t realize how many smaller sizes there were!

Christina Beltran

First time seeing chunky scissors. What a great pair of scissors.

Karen Dahle

Wow! I think our art teacher needs to know this!

Mary Walls

Great information! Thanks!


Wow!! Such valuable information!!

Pamela Byrd

I didn’t know there were so many sizes of scissors.

Heather Schmitz

Didn’t realize there was a scissors meant for 2s.

Landa Jones

It makes sense that children need appropriate scissors according to their ability and age. I understand why my students often struggle when they have to cut things.

diana rodriguez

As a kindergarten teacher, I am happy to say that I use appropriately sized scissors!! I really didn’t know Fiskars had several scissor sizes!! Thanks Fiskar!!

Barbara L McAferty

Seems like we always have the 4+ size. Since I teach 4th grade guess I should find some others. 🙂

Melissa Rizzo

Interesting article. I had no clue that there were that many types and sizes. I must go through my scissors and take out the wrong size ones.

Janeen Murrow

What a great article – I have been using the wrong scissors for my 1st grade students. Thanks for the new information.


I did not realize there were that many different sizes.

Kristine Dederich

Love this article. It’s so helpful.

Kristine Dederich

Very informative

Ginamarie Dempsey

Excellent information! This will be super helpful next year as I’m finishing my order this week!
Thank you for putting information together


Wow! I’ve learned a lot about scissors. I always thought they were one size fits all.

Roberta Siekierke

This explains a lot – my students struggle to cut a straight line, much less curves. Thanks for this information.

Nancy Huerena

I work with developmentally delayed stduents. Seeing all these different scissors that are available is very exciting! I will be oinvesting in some different ones than I have now. Thank you for this information!

Nancy Huerena

I work with developmentally delayed students. This is wonderful information!


Love that these work for left or right hand!


I didn’t know there were different sizes, need to check this out for next year.


Very informative! Happy to read about my student’s needs.

Jessica Alvarez

Very informative, I work with special need schoolers, they can definitely use them.

Alla Brinkly

I love your scissors. I have multiple pair for myself at home and in my classroom. They are the only ones I use in my classroom.

Alla Brinkly

I love your scissors. I have multiple pairs for myself at home and work. They are the only brand I use for my students.


Good info to know

Laura Roe

Good to know that the Fiskars scissors I’ve been requesting for 25 years are the best AND correct size for my students!

LaNeise Charlton

I did not know that there were so many different scissors for different stages in a child’s life. This article was so helpful to read!

Debra Luecke

I did not realize that you had so many different kinds. So impressed. I use Fiskars in sewing and they are my go to brand for quality!

Amanda Richards

I didn’t realize that there were so many sizes


I’m pleased to read something pertaining to a more realistic idea for us teachers.

Amber L Hickman

I love that you have scissors for all age ranges. Very well built


Never knew that scissors without the loops existed!

Lindsay Payne

I have been using the wrong scissors for my 2nd graders. Now I know all the options!


Good information to know.

Heidi Paniagua

Have always loved Fiskars since I was a child myself.


I never knew there were so many different styles for different age groups.

Shirley L Lysse

Love your products!!!

Shirley L Lysse

I am a crafter and I absolutely use alot of your products!!!

Chris Bianco

I knew that there were different scissors but I never realized that they had different ones for different ages. Very interesting

John Mosley

Please email info for scissors

Stacy Carter

Didn’t realize that children needed different size and blades for their sissies as they develop . This is good information and I wonder if parents realize that their children might not be using the right size of scissors at home.

Mark E Davis

These would be great for students in my martial arts classes to assist with holiday decorations.


I love all the options. Thanks for laying them out and their uses.

Stacy Carter

This is great information to have for parents at home. The fact that children need different size scissors as they develop had never really acquired to me. This is information parents at home need.

Randy Compton

Looks like you have all needs of all age students covered.


Makes sense when you think about it! Thanks for the information.


Thank you for clarifying the different types of scissors for all ages. It has cleared up some issues.

Kris Hawkins

These are such a wonderful idea! Very interesting! Thank you for the possible chance. 😁


I am interested in these scissors for a senior (55+) apartment complex to use in our art room for different art projects.

Kimberly Plunkett

Very informative! I didn’t realize there were so many different sizes!


Such an interesting article. I was unaware there are so many varieties of scissors available for our kids! Super informative.


I am interested in getting these scissors to use in our senior (55+) community to use in our art room for different art projects.

Jennifer Oertwig

Longest lasting scissors ✂️ I’ve ever owned!!

Cheryl Powell

It’s very nice for fisksrs to help our schools out Thank you


Many more options compared to when I was a child!


Very informative


Very informative and many information that I didn’t know about!

Karin DiNarda

I didn’t realize the need for all the different sizes. It was nice to learn about the different scissors


Lots of choices to be made


Wow, honestly this was very interesting and taught me some new things. I never really knew about the sizes for ages… Very informative!

Angie Gervais

Bonjour j’aimerais bien avoir un ciseau gratuit merci

Erika kimball

All of them


I remember these when I was in school..long time ago

Jessie M Courtney

I did not no there where all kinds of them

Kayla Hartman

So informative!

Celeste Allison

Thanks for the informative article. I know now what specific size scissors are needed for my young students. I will make sure to put that on their supply list this coming fall.

Vicky Chan

Thanks for the very informative article!!!


I work with 3 4 and 5 year old preschoolers and the training lever is the coolest design for begining to use scissors. I had no idea that Fiskars made scissors in the style with the training lever. I would love to check this style out in the Fiskars brand. Fiskars make my favorite teacher scissors!

Chike Oraka

Each scissor has its own unique detail that works to an advantage of a specific child.

Brandy L Burkett

Thanks for sharing!


This article was very informing. I never thought about the correct sized scissors for my kids. Amazing!


This is very interested. Good read for teachers

Sherrie B. Ware-Lopez

Love that these come in Left handed model. Those are the kids that always have problems. I’ll be picking up some of them to keep on hand.

Sherrie B. Ware-Lopez

Very informative.

Donna holder

These sound like awesome pair. Thanks


I honestly didn’t realize that there were so many options.

Samantha Bavage

Support the teachers ❤️


I never realized the different sizes!?

Debbie Evans

This was a very helpful article.

Julie Mulzer

Left handed students also need appropriate scissors.

Billie Jean Grace

Fisker scissors are my favorite.

jeannette wall

Interesting never knew there werethat many recommedations


Didn’t know about 2 year old scissors! Am totally going to buy those to practice and work on motor skills with my daughter this summer!

Nicole Davis

Thanks for the tip!


Great info!

Valda Belzer

very detailed, thank you.

jane bennett

i never knew that size mattered with Scissors..

Jorge Acuna

hoping for some 8″ teen scissors for my grandson

Tamara Szczepanska

please request an 8″ teen scissor for my grandson

Tamara Szczepanska

love your product, would love an 8″ teen scissor for my grandson

Felicia Wesley

I didn’t know there were appropriate sizes of scissors for different age groups.


This is super useful!

alfred green



Very useful information.


I use these different scissors for different ages, They are wonderful.


Best school scissors ever

Brent Poole

Good safety tips for youngsters and their parents.

Geneva Navarette

I bought them for my twin sons, one of them is a lefty. They came in handy. It has been over 20 years I still use them for myself. They are durable.

Janna Childress

Thank you for the information.

Madison Maven

I love all the variations of scissors Fiskars offers!

Pam Meissner

Thank you for the info

Pam Meissner

Thank you for all the info

Kelsey Guthrie

Just from reading this article, I can tell these scissors are amazing! I really wish I had a pair.




useful info indeed


Nice to see the difference in sizes.

Brenda Williamson

This is so helpful to avoid frustration and accidents as children grow.

Nadine Klemer

What a great article on differing scissors- not only for teachers but for mom’s too! who knew that there were better, age appropriate scissors for children- thank you!


I really enjoyed learning about the different size scissors for the toddler range!

Donna Cooper

Interesting having sized scissors for youth growing up

Bonnie S Blosse

Nice best have that fits your hands


Awesome way to compare choices.

Jeffrey Zenker

Great information.

Mendy Henry

Ineed a good pair for sewing


Love being a teacher and helping people

Kristi Sargent

My students are between 5 years to 10 years old I run a daycare

Melanie Harding

Really interesting. Very informative article. I can honestly say I never realized different sized/types of scissors were more appropriate for certain ages. I only ever thought in terms of child and adult scissors, thinking all children’s scissors were equal and that the only difference was that children’s scissors were safer.

Mesia Acres

I loved learning about how certain scissors work for different ages.

Kimberly Sweet

This Article was a fabulous read with great information in it that I had not effected to find as pertinent to myself and my home school situation with my. Children but it definitely is and I am grateful for the information contained.

Christine DiMauro

Children need different sized scissors based on their age and hand size

Steven D.

I’ve owned a lot of different scissors in my lifetime and one of the ones I currently own are ridiculously better than any other I’ve ever own or used. They are Kitchen Aid and I actually found them when I was out enjoying my evening walk.


I definitely learned something.


I use Fiskars tools for gardening and they are quality stuff, so I have no doubt that their scissors are likewise and designs/performance are well engineered.

Wess Mandella

Fiskars are my favorite!


I have been using these scissors for years. I love them.


I didn’t know there were different sizes, and you left out lefties!

Pauline Linares

Wonderful product!

Daniel Moore


Sandra Duenez

Fiskars is a name that is quality. I love the different sizes for little fingers as they grow!

Christel L Elliott

This reminds me that i need to buy some new scissors.

Judith Mayhew

As a certified teacher I found this article to be extremely informative and helpful

Bud Pistacchio

good lesson learned

Cheryl Frederick

Send me 8inch fiscal scissors. Thanks

Sandie Aliprantis

Interesting to know what skills are appropriate for age levels.

Bev K.

I love how in depth you’ve thought of all the details for each age range

Alona Sulman

I find the article very informative. I learned that learning to cut with scissor helps to build hand strength, develop hand-eye coordination, improve bilateral coordination, and improve attention to tasks…and let’s not forget enhance our creativity.

Paul Morrison

Interesting to know this. Thanks


Very interesting


This is great information to have.

Melissa Speeg

I enjoyed reading this article and I am very happy to know about the left handed scissors.

Hailey Miller


Hailey Miller


Kristin Clark

Great information!

Renee Gregg

These are so awesome! Fiskarsbis a quality and versatile scissor brand. I love them

Nis Castillo

So interesting they have a type of scissors for every stage of our kids life; no wonder Fiskars is so well trusted to appear in my kids list of needed items for school year, thank you! For a great product…

Karrie smith

This would be perfect. Arts and crafts are my children’s favorite activity.

vivorn sophamisay

I didn’t realize how Fiskar developed the scissors til now


Helpful info, thank you

Elizabeth Fleenor

Thank you for sharing this information! I need them for both left and right handed kids

cheryl lynn butler

I love Fiskars Scissors

Becky Watts Davis

Great article. Tells me what size to get my grandson for school this fall.


Hello my name is Melissa Stanley and I just love giveaways


Was surprised and happy that there were scissors available for very young children 2+

Hannah Marie

Sounds amazing! Great article!!


This is super informational, I liked seeing all the different types of scissors.

Tasha Barth

The article was interesting. I am a summer camp counselor working with 5 to 6 little girls. I like the fact there is diffent sizes for different ages. Being able to craft with reasonable scissors is something I always look for.

jewel gill

very interestng article


I did not know there was many different fiskars,in different stages for children!


Thank you my favorite are big handles.

Rita Leskovec

Knowing and having the supplies available are two separate issues. I’m glad to see the article breaks it down so when schools buy the items, they are mindful of the correct sizing for the child.

Glyn Davidson

Very informative article thank you.


Absolutely love these scissors for the kids


My son starting 6 grades in August he will be 12.

Lauren Cabrera

I agree Ms. Nanette Respess!
‘I appreciated learning about all the stages of scissors. My lefties never want to use left handed scissors. And I as a left-handed person, never had the opportunity to use left-handed scissors as they were not around! Fiskars scissors are the best cutting scissors for students.’ My partner and I were discussing that in years past lefties was trained to use their right in school for sports writing ect. Absolutely adore this brand.

Alina Ibarra

Very informative. Can’t wait to get appropriate scissors for my little!


I didn’t know there was so many different types of scissors as you grow. Awesome skill building over time.

Melissa K Shope

It makes a lot of sense with the different designs of scissors for different ages. I did not know how helpful they can be for children

Paul Weberg

Never knew there were so many specialized scissors


I love the diff sizes

Shekesha Shelton

Thus has been enlightening. I now know what to purchase.

Tom Bellamy

I love the high quality blades!

Debbie VanDeHey

Best siccors every

Regina L Denson

Very knowledgeable thank you

danielle seaman

Great information, thank you

Rebeka Deleon

I didn’t realize there were different sizes for basically each grade. It was good to know for my 3rd graders and what they should get!


Great job for designing scissors for all ages and helping with development, art, and so much more!

Jim Hall

We never had sizes for us growing up. It was here ya go use them no matter what size it was. Glad to see this article now.

Rose Reeder

teachers and students will like

scott spiek

pretty informative


I had no idea there were so many different kinds of scissors!

Carol LuBien

Interesting new info!

John Arena



I didn’t realize there were so many sizes.



sunny evans

as a homeschool group parent, I never knew there were different size kid scissors. I won’t be doing this wrong again. Have to order more scirrors.


I’ve only seen the child sizes!!



Frances Blagg

Very helpful information.

Melody Wesson

Very informative article. Never knew this before.


Being an OT I know how important it is to use the correct size and handed scissors for success in the classroom. Thanks for spreading the news!

Erin T

I never knew Fiskars had scissors for 2 year olds. I wish these younger versions were found more common in stores.

Thomas Sullivan

Starter scissors!


I teach 17 and 18 year olds in a low income school district. To have the appropriate sized scissors to work through their projects would be amazing. The 8 in teen scissors would be so helpful!


6 in. scissors seem to be the correct size for my students! They need training with fine motor and cutting. I never realized size of scissors made such a difference!

sandra boyer

I love Fisker scissors!!!

Regena Sizemore

Who knew? I just thought blunt or rounded tips for safety.

Elizabeth Briggs

I love the way Fiskars has been intentional about creating scissors for each age and stage that students will love to use.

Alessandra Davis

6 in Big Kid Scissors Age 8+

Dale Crady

I was not aware of all the different types of scissors and what they were used for. I’ve used Fiskars scissors for years and this article was an eye-opener for myself.

Mary Alvarez

Great article with useful information that would be great to pass along to parents.

Josie Prachyl

I would need the size for 8+


Training Scissors for my toddlers


Interesting information


Useful information that I had not previously thought about

Melissa Lorenzo-Pratt

I think I have been using a size too large for my first graders. Thank you for the information in this article!


I always thought there were only one size for elementary and one size for adults. It makes total sense to have varying size for different levels.

Helene Smith

I didn’t know which would be best, but you broke down the sizes, so I can get the correct size.

Vanessa Lopez

Fiskars are the best scissors that I have ever used in my classroom with my students. They are very easy to use and had the perfect fit for little hands like my kids.

Courtney Borrett

This article has been very helpful! I never knew there were so many sizes. I teach kindergarten and agree with the 4+ size being applicable for my students.

Brenda Wohlford

My students use 6” and 7” scissors. Fiskars are the best!


I need multiple pairs for my left handed students! Great brand.


I like that scissors are offered for both left & right handed children.

Levi D.

8in fiskars would be perfect for students!


I had no idea there were 7″ scissors before the adult ones…I need those for my kidos. Who knew!


The teen 8″ is perfect for my age group. So glad left handed is available. Left handed students always ask if I have scissors for them. Thanks Fiskars!


6 in Big Kid scissors would be best for my students

Zachary Bess

I believe for 7th grade i’d be shooting for 7 inch scissors!


6 inch 8+ for my students!

Jake Epprecht

It’s great to see so many different options, because my middle school kids come in so many sizes and sometimes they are in need of something bigger than what I have for scissors. This is good information so I can properly plan for next year. Thanks.


I love these scissors!


My students can use 7 or 8 inch scissors and we LOVE Fiskars!

Ruby Rivera

This was very informative. Understanding the sizes and muscles used really is eye opening on why this matters.

Blanca v

I often wondered about this because as I teach some students struggle more then others. However I always just thought it was due to lack of motor skill practice. My students would be between the 6 inch and 8 inch scissors:)


8 inch teen scissors for high school!

Jessica Gaskin

I did not realize each one had a specific purpose

Juli Fisher

I love the 6″ kids size scissors for my 1st graders!

Janine Knight

My students would work well with Fiskars 6 in scissors. These scissors would help them create and design for their STREAM work in the library.


My high schoolers love the larger 8″ teen sizes.


Great, informative article! My students would need 7 inch scissors.

Laura Troutman

This was an interesting article with some good information.

Laura Troutman

I glad to know that I have been using the 5 inch scissors with my 3rd graders and it’s the right size!

Lisa Lobos

So many different types of scissors and appropriate by age. Interesting!

Malinda Trumble

I work with around 400 students a week and definitely need more scissors and various sizes. I could use 7 inch scissors.

Liz Archuleta

I loved those first scissors for little ones. I have not seen those to purchase for my grands.

Brenda Robinson

I had no idea there were so many different sizes available. My students would most benefit from 6 inch big kid scissors.

Carol Basinger

This is great! Scissor size is important! My students would need the 5 inch scissors.

Alison S

I didn’t realize there were so many scissors sizes. As a special area teacher that teaches multiple grade levels, it looks like I need to add a few different sizes for the older students!

Talia Jaime

This is very informative, especially as an arts teacher. I have different scissor sizes, and didn’t know I was using some of the wrong sizes.

Patrick Walsh

This makes me think about other things/tools students use and how they may be the wrong size.

Elizabeth Polston

My students need the 5 inch kid scissors for use at school.

margie rice

I have been teaching for 17 years and never knew the size if scissors was important for more reasons than fit. I enjoyed reading this article.

Liz Franklin

The seven-inch scissors are the best option for most of my students, however, some are still growing and need the six-inch Big Kid scissors. I do appreciate that there are left-handed options, since I am a lefty.

Rebecca Sipper

I never realized there was even a difference between scissors for ages 12+ and 15+. My students need the 8 in. scissors, but I only have 5 pairs in my classroom in which I can have 18 to 27 students in at any given time. I have tried to make up with purchasing some cheaper pairs of scissors at Walmart, and they are certainly for a younger group of students, and students have discussed with me how difficult it is to use those. Reading this article really helped me understand the significance of using proper sizes for scissors!


I didn’t know there were so many different scissor types.

Laura Gravell

Fortunately, I discovered that I have been using the correct size scissors. Having the right size scissors is becoming more important as kids use their hands for creating so much less than when I was a student. Cutting paper accurately has become a real challenge for my students in recent years.


I love all the different sizes that are available for my students. I teach a multi-grade special needs classroom so everyone can have the right size for them instead of a one size fits all model.


The Starter Scissors are a need for my preschool students who do not have a lot of practice with scissors.

Shirley Mazariegos

I didn’t know that there were different sizes that correspond to the age of students. For my current students I believe that 7in scissors would be good.