The 25 Stages of Surviving Standardized Testing Season

The 25 Stages of Surviving Standardized Testing Season

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Let’s face it, testing season is stressful! Whether you’ve been diligently preparing your students since August or you’re trying to cram seven months of test prep into a week’s worth of lessons—you undoubtedly feel a little frantic around this time of year. And while we may not be able to alleviate the pressure put on teachers from seemingly every angle during testing season, the least we can do is offer a little pick-me-up. Check out our 25 Stages of Surviving Standardized Testing Season—because no matter where you find yourself in the testing cycle, we think there’s something here for everyone.

Happy testing!!

1. You overhear your colleagues casually discussing testing week in the teacher’s lounge. It hits you that testing is only two weeks away.

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2. You wonder if you’ve done enough to prepare your kids. You start frantically planning final test prep lessons.

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3. You dress for Success.

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4. You channel all your worry into something fun and plan The First Annual Test Prep Olympics.

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5. You spend a fortune at Target buying materials for things like “Test Prep Jenga” and other test prep games.

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6. You realize you could have had all of these materials months ago if you had just created a wish list using TeacherLists. (Note to self: Create a wish list now, it’s free).

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7. You’re down to the wire now with only three days until testing week. Your sleep schedule starts to suffer.

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8. You start living on coffee…

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9. …and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

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10. You start to display erratic behaviors.

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11. And your students start to wonder where their old teacher went.

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11. You share your woes with all your non-teacher friends. They just don’t understand.

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13. Just when you start contemplating a new career path, you get a final burst of energy. Your students have worked hard and you WILL make sure they cross the finish line prepared.

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14. You cover all the bulletin boards with motivational quotes. (See how awesome you are?!)

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15. You play one last game of “Trashketball” to make sure your kids have really got this. (There you go again, being all awesome.)

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16. You stay up late making testing treats for your students. (You knew there was a reason you stocked up on all that candy at Target!)

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17. The morning of the test, you decide sleep is overrated and swing by the school before dawn to draw some welcome doodles on the sidewalk…

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18. …and their desks, too. Good thing you stocked up on those Expo dry erase markers!

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19. But first, coffee. LOTS of coffee.

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20. You make a quick pit stop at the office printer to print out the note from the Test Fairy.

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21. Testing officially begins. You pass the time by staring at things in the classroom thinking about how you could use them to survive in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

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22. The kids are so…quiet. You begin to wonder whether anyone would even notice if you did yoga under your desk.

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23. After your students have completed their tests, you let them all pop balloons with their names on them. (They find this insanely entertaining and you need the release as much as they do.)

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24. Testing week is over! You take a minute to rejoice with your colleagues.

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25. Remember that thoughtful gift you got from a parent over the holidays? Crack that open. It’s time to celebrate!

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