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5 Types of Teachers You’ll Find on TikTok

TikTok took the world by storm at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was only a matter of time before educators from around the globe took to the platform to give us hilarious, relatable, and share-worthy content.



Read on as we break down the five types of teachers you’ll find on TikTok, as well as our top picks for who to follow now. You can thank us later.

The Hacker
These educators have been around the block and know all the tricks of the trade to make your school year run a little bit more smoothly.

@thatkindermama labels her students’ bins, cubbies, and floor spots with numbers instead of names and assigns each child a number for the year. This way, she doesn’t have to update them at the start of every school year.

@thatkindermamaStop labeling all the things with this #teacherhack #teachersoftiktok #backtoschool #classroomdecor #classroomideas♬ original sound – Amanda

@thenamesmik swears by the white marker hack. When a child in your class needs to get some energy out without disrupting the class, ask them to fetch the white marker from a fellow teacher, and in turn that teacher will respond by saying they gave it to another teacher. After your student has gone from teacher to teacher searching for the marker, they’ll return to the classroom with a more focused attention span.

@thenamesmik##stitch with @mr.stitchem ##middleschool ##teachertiktok ##teacherhack the white marker… works every time!♬ original sound – Mikayla


The Fashionista
Most likely a newbie teacher, they love sharing their favorite style finds and classroom-appropriate OOTDs.

@thatpompomteacher is one of our favorite teachers to follow for fashion inspiration. Her page includes a series called “A Week of Teacher OOTDs”, styling tips, makeup routines, and our absolute favorite post, “Taylor Swift Albums as Teacher Outfits.”

@thatpompomteacherWhich day is your fave from last week? #teacherootd #tootadah #teacheroutfitcheck #teachersoftiktok♬ Someone New – Hozier

@magicallearningadventure is our favorite account for fashion advice on all of TikTok! She makes comfy, school-appropriate outfits look chic and on trend like no one else. As an added bonus, her music selection always puts us in a great mood.

@magicallearningadventure✨Teacher Fits: how I would style target dresses!✨ #teacherootd #ootd #katespadenyhappydance #liketoknowit #outfit #target #targetdresscollection #fy♬ Vogue – Madonna

The Performer
Back in the day, these teachers were either on the cheer squad or played the lead in the school musical. They’re not done living out their Hollywood dreams just because they’re now part of the school staff.

@itsmevsharac states that she’s a “cool educator” on her TikTok profile and we have to agree. Her “Happy Friday” dances get us through those last few hours of school before the weekend begins.

@itsmevsharacTeacher Vibes? #blackteachersontiktok #ItsOurHome #teachervlog #regularblackgirltiktok #blackteacher #foryou #fyp #vlog #viral♬ Freak It – Lathun

@crazytheatreteacher exudes the confidence and fierceness that we all wish we had. We love how he addresses topics like using gender-neutral terms in the classroom in an approachable way for students of all ages.

@crazytheatreteacherGender Neutral Terms Part 1 #crazytheatreteacher #genderneutral #teacher #gender #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #tiktokteacher #teachersoftiktok #theatrekid♬ original sound – Peelee Clark

The Comedian
They’ve turned their teaching stress into laughable content that every educator can relate to.

@zachariahdemylo2 gives us every, and we mean every, #teacherlife scenario possible. From elementary school birthdays and field trip chaos to cheating students and seating chart drama, it’s all there for your viewing pleasure. The next time you’re having a rough day and need some comedic relief, we highly suggest taking a breather with these hilarious videos.

@zachariahdemylo2#greenscreen Follow my insta LINK N BIO!! #fyp #schoolmemories #principal #teachers #comedy #funny #foryou #viral #trend #xyzbca #school♬ original sound – ZachariahDemylo

@ezsnb is a high school teacher who’s killing it on TikTok. Her alter ego videos feature a girl named “Becky” whose disdain for school leaves us laughing out loud every time we watch.

@ezsnbY’all know u went to high school with one..drop her @ I dare you? follow my IG! #tiktokteacher #teachercomedy #highschool #ezsnb #foryou #fypシ♬ original sound – Emma Banes

The Realist
They don’t sugarcoat how dang hard teaching is and live for venting about it in a public forum.

@ms.m_closet manages to keep it real while being hilarious. Her post titled “Every teacher before they get observed” is one that we find ourselves watching on repeat. IYKYK.

@ms.m_closet#fyp #blackteachers #teachertiktok #teachercomedy #tiktokteacher #tiktokteacher #teacher♬ original sound – Ms.M_closet

@thatnewteacher embodies how teachers all over the country feel with her quirky voiceover videos. She covers topics like dealing with students’ parents, teacher breakdowns, and anxiety while being super relatable and funny.

@thatnewteacherLiterally me, right now. #MyTeacherWins #teacherlife #teachersontiktok #teachertok♬ How You Feel? (Freestyle) – DJ Scheme & Danny Towers

We’ve got more of our favorite teachers who are killing it on social media here.

Originally posted 2021

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