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10 Pumpkin Activities You Need To Try This Fall

Fun Pumpkin Classroom Activities

We all know that October is synonymous with pumpkins, but did you know that October 26 is National Pumpkin Day? Yup, that’s actually a thing. And we see it as just another excuse to bring all things fall into the classroom, because let’s face it, we’re obsessed with the season and the endless classroom lessons that go along with it. So here are 8 of our favorite classroom pumpkin activities that will have you running to your nearest pumpkin patch to stock up on fall’s most beloved icon.


8 pumpkin classroom activities


1. Pumpkin volcano – Kids love anything that bubbles, erupts, and fizzes, which is why this pumpkin science experiment is always a huge hit.

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pumpkin volcano


2. Pumpkin slime – The slime craze is far from over, and what better way for teachers to embrace it than to incorporate it into a science lesson? 

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pumpkin slime


3. Pumpkin lifecycle activity – This is a great activity that can span the whole month of October and beyond. Just carve a small pumpkin as a class in early fall, then put it in a covered jar and watch nature take its course over the next few weeks.

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pumpkin lifecycle activity

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4. Pumpkin measurement – Pumpkins are a great way to introduce math concepts, particularly measurement. Kids will love to see whose measurement prediction comes out closest.

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measuring pumpkins activity

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5. Pumpkin papier macheThis is a collaborative, hands-on activity for younger kids who are still mastering their ability to follow multi-step instructions (and also love to get their hands dirty!).

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papier mache pumpkin

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6. Pumpkin catapults – A popular event used to celebrate National Pumpkin Day is called “Punkin Chunkin.” It involves teams building different mechanical devices to throw a pumpkin as far as possible. This activity lets you hold your own Punkin Chunkin contest in your classroom (using pumpkin candy or pom-poms, of course). You can do this activity using just craft sticks and masking tape, or give students a bag of different supplies and see what they come up with!

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pumpkin catapults

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7. Pumpkin seed count – A good one for older elementary students, this activity involves estimation and introduces the greater than/less than symbols.

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counting pumpkin seeds

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8. Positive and negative space paper jack-o’-lantern – A great way to discuss positive and negative space as well as symmetry, this activity can be made simple for younger students or more detailed for the older elementary grades.

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paper jackolantern activity

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9. Exploring the parts of a pumpkin – This is a great observational science project. Get exploring those pumpkins and have your students write about colors, texture, and more!

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parts of a pumpkin

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10. Bubble pumpkins – Bubbles are a favorite among kids! Bring them together with the spirit of Halloween, and you have a STEM activity every student will love!

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See an activity you’d like to try? Wish lists are great way to let parents know you’d like to gather material for a new lesson. Simply post or update your list and parents can pledge items right online!

Originally posted 2017

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