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STEM Teachers to Follow on Instagram

Between TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube tutorials, finding new and engaging STEM activities for the classroom is easier than ever. In fact, sorting through the amount of teacher-focused content on social media these days can feel a bit overwhelming. To take the guesswork out of it, we’ve researched countless social accounts and came up with a list of our top 6 STEM teachers you need to follow right now.



One of the coolest things about social media is the ability to connect with teachers just like you on the other side of the globe. Hailing from India, Mrunal Shah’s Instagram page gives followers a look into his take on STEM education. Many of his posts involve amazing LEGO structures, as well as unique ideas for upcycling items you already have into new classroom activities.



Cheryl Nelson and Wendy Goldfein are two STEM Ed enthusiasts that bring a total of 55 years of teaching experience with grades K-7 to Instagram. Their account offers hundreds of classroom activity ideas for all ages. One thing that caught our eye was their “Who Invented…?” reading and engineering series, which combines STEM and ELA lessons into one classroom activity.



Claire and Natasha are two K-8 STEM educators working to break down stereotypes around the science community. Their toddlers serve as the subjects for some adorable—yet educational— experiment reels and videos. We love that in addition to posting must-try activities, they also give us insight into things like inspirational women in STEM and impressive teacher tips.



Angela, a high school math teacher, is passionate about incorporating social justice into her STEM based curriculum. She uses her Instagram page as a platform to inspire others in her mission. Instead of focusing on lesson-based posts, Angela is busy starting conversations around equality and the education system, and invites others to weigh in.


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It’s impossible to scroll through this colorful account and not want to learn more. Shahzia, a STEAM educator, shares her love of hands-on activities on her Instagram page with hundreds of easy-to-follow tutorials. Fellow teachers will appreciate that she labels each activity with what age it’s appropriate for, what supplies are needed, and what its teaching purpose is.



Kerry Tracy, the educator behind @feelgoodteaching, is all about helping other teachers reconnect with their calling, and STEM challenges are her favorite way to do it! One theme that caught our eye while scrolling through her content were the #Failtober posts. Throughout the month of October, Kerry made it her mission to help students develop healthy relationships with productive failure. She posted 31 quotes about failure from famous entrepreneurs we all admire that offer powerful motivation when you’re having an off day.



Did your favorite STEM educator make our list? Leave us a comment below sharing your favorite STEM educator and check out more of our favorite educators to follow here.

Originally posted 2021

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