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Science Teachers To Follow for Amazing Class Activities

You can never have too many ideas for hands-on science lessons. These educators share experiments and activities that will keep your students excited and engaged in science class.


by Lauren Bayliss

In this installment of our “Teachers to Follow” series we are putting the spotlight on science teachers! Keep reading to learn more about our favorite accounts that will leave you with alkynes of new knowledge. (We can’t resist a good science pun!)


Dana / @thetrendyscienceteacher

Dana’s Instagram tag line reads “time-saving ideas, tips, and strategies for busy middle and high school science teachers.” Scroll through her account and you’ll find everything from forensic toxicology lesson plans to ideas for incorporating observances such as Black History Month into your science curriculum. And one more thing, don’t miss her pickle autopsy activity that will prepare students for a real dissection…yikes!



Brooke Brown / @teachoutsidethebox

Brooke is not only a K-2 gifted and talented teacher, she is the creator of STEM Bins. STEM Bins are plastic containers filled with simple engineering manipulatives. They contain photo task cards of real world structures and challenge students to use the items in the bins to create and invent as many structures as possible. In addition to her bins, Brooke’s page is filled with classroom book recommendations, digital activities, and awesome freebies for teachers.



Becca / @sciencelessonsthatrock

This high school science teacher is changing the way traditional classrooms are run. She assesses her student’s knowledge by having them record podcasts of past lessons and create visual infographics to display what they’ve learned in place of taking a typical exam. Becca also records video tutorials of activities for teachers to try in their own classrooms. One of our favorites includes how to make a petrified fossil out of a kitchen sponge and Epsom salt.



Rachael / @the_weird_science_teacher

We chose Rachael as one of favorite teachers to follow because of her methodology of blending art with science to create a dynamic educational experience. Her page features a mix of classroom décor inspo and lesson plans with quirky teacher sayings that give us plenty of Monday morning motivation. One of our favorites reads, “You deserve a school that deserves you.”



Claire and Natasha / @vivifystem

Claire and Natasha are two K-8 STEM educators working to break down stereotypes around the science community. Their toddlers serve as the subjects for some adorable—yet educational— experiment reels and videos.  We love that in addition to posting must-try activities, they also give us insight into things like inspirational women in STEM and impressive teacher tips.


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Originally posted 2021

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