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14 Amazon Classroom Must-Haves

Amazon Classroom Must-Haves

If Amazon Anonymous existed, it would most likely be full of teachers because what teacher doesn’t love Amazon. Not only is it quick and convenient, but there are so many must-haves for your classroom that make teaching, and your classroom, so much better! With the amount of items available on Amazon, we wanted to help dust off the hidden treasure we found. Check out these 14 Amazon classroom must-haves we know you will want—or need—for your classroom.



The must-haves:
  1. Big magnetic numbers
    These are great for changing the date on the board. They are big enough for the entire class to see, and they make changing the date easy for even the tiniest of hands. Plus, they could be used for more than just the date, including math!
  2. Velcro dots
    Have you ever had to hang something, but it just won’t stick? It seems like school walls are just not made for or meant for tape to be on them. These Velcro dots are a dream. Use them on charts or around the room for an easy and stable hanger.
  3. Battery push lights
    These can be used for so many different things in the classroom, but our favorite is using them as a hall pass. Simply write on them—boys, girls, etc.—and hang them by the door. When a student is at the restroom, they click the light on. When they return, they click the light off. Simple!
  4. Wireless doorbell
    Another classroom must-have, this can be used at the door since, unfortunately, doors have to be locked. It would allow teachers to know someone is at their door quickly. Another way to use this, which we love, is as an attention-grabber! Place the sensor in an outlet that allows for the best sound and clip the doorbell onto your lanyard. When you need your students’ attention, ring away!
  5. Dry-erase prize wheel
    The possibilities with this are endless. Use it to write down different rewards for students, and spin it to select the reward. Use it to select a student. Choose a number with it. We could keep going, but we think you get the point. This wheel is truly a non-negotiable!
  6. Twinkle lights
    These are fun and make your room feel more like home. The more comfortable and inviting a classroom feels, the better the classroom community and learning is.
  7. Game show buzzers
    Bring your classroom games to life with these game show buzzers. Not only do they light up, but they also make different sounds! Each buzzer has a unique sound, making it easy to identify who pushed their buzzer first.
  8. Suction cup balls
    These are so fun, and we know most classrooms have whiteboards now. Throw these onto the whiteboard and bam, they stick! These could be used to play different games, such as writing vocabulary words on the board and having the students try to correctly identify the vocabulary word by throwing the ball to it!
  9. Write-on dice
    These are another Amazon classroom gem. These are great for small group work sessions. Write questions on each side of the dice and have each student in a small group take their turn rolling it and answering the question—these questions could be comprehension questions or general discussion open-ended questions.
  10. Dry erase circles
    Create another space for students to write, practice and learn. These can be placed on the walls or on the desks, and they make writing that much more fun.
  11. Magnetic rod
    Hang this on your board to hang and display anchor charts and more. These are easy to hang, strong and durable. They can be used for so many different things in your classroom.
  12. Magnetic hooks
    These are so strong, so you can hang a lot from them! What teacher doesn’t have things to hang?
  13. Rolling cart
    These are magical. You can organize so many things into all of the different bins and drawers, and then you can take it with you around the classroom. Roll it out for centers, and then roll it away when you are done! It keeps everything together in one place, and it is so convenient.
  14. Disco light
    Make those dance parties or brain breaks even more exciting with a disco light. This little light even dances to the different beats in music, making it that much cooler!

Originally posted 2022

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