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Totally Unrealistic Teaching Stock Photos

Totally Unrealistic Teaching Stock Photos

Teaching isn’t a glamorous job. That’s what makes these stock photos of pristine classrooms and perfectly behaved students so amusing.


by Emily Graham

When the Light Bulb Finally Turns On


This is what we wish it looked like every time a student had an aha moment in class. Instead, when students grasp new concepts, teachers are more likely to see a quick flash of understanding in a student’s eyes or to hear one quietly say, “oh, I get it now.”


Leisurely Coffee Break


This stock photo may be the only time we’ve ever seen a teacher sit quietly at their desk, with all the time in the world to savor a cup of coffee. Maybe he’s using a Jedi mind trick to get his students to read quietly until the hourglass runs out.


Reading Superheroes


We love how these elementary students are so enthusiastic about reading, but everyone knows that zero reading happens during spirit dress-up days! Student superheroes are too busy comparing costumes to stay still long enough for a photo like this one.


All Hands Raised


The teacher must have asked who wants to go to recess, because chances are slim that this many students would raise their hands simultaneously to answer a question about multiplication tables. (Seriously, how many times has this happened in your teaching career?)


The Joy of Making Copies


It’s true that a lot of teachers really missed their school’s office equipment during distance learning, but it still seems hard to imagine that a teacher would be this excited to be making copies. Maybe she’s smiling so big because she got to the photocopier at a rare moment when the machine had fresh toner and didn’t have a paper jam!


How About Them Apples?


This photographer must have been going for an old-fashioned aesthetic, because the only time we’ve seen this many students bring fruit for their teacher is in the movie “A Christmas Story.”


Sleek Classroom Style


This may be the prettiest—and the cleanest—classroom we’ve ever seen. But we highly doubt the minimalist design trend will take over schools anytime soon. After all, what would a classroom be without behavior charts, seasonal bulletin boards, and primary colors?


High-Fives All Around


It’s just another typical Monday morning at school, with these students so excited about taking a pop quiz that they can’t wait to high-five their teacher. You can relate, right?


Quiet Reflection Time


You know that time in your school day when you have enough free time to sit down, look off into the distance, and think deep thoughts? Yeah, neither do we.


Showing Kids the World


The most unrealistic thing about this photo? The teacher has his back to his students, and they are somehow keeping their hands to themselves. You know that if this happened in real life, the kids would be jostling to see which one of them could spin the globe the fastest.


Tools of the Trade


According to stock photography, all you really need to teach is pencils, a globe, and a few notebooks. And every teacher’s favorite kind of fruit—a red apple—of course! Just gather these items together, and you’re fully prepared for whatever the school day may bring!

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Originally posted 2021

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