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TeacherLists reports a 32% increase in the cost of the most common supplies requested by teachers and schools on the 2022-2023 back-to-school school supply lists. Mid-Season Update  


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It’s the first 100% in-person school year since 2020, and back-to-school shopping habits and school supply list requests are reflecting the change. TeacherLists, with the help of industry experts and published studies, has released a report on consumer behavior, supply list demands, and shopping habits observed thus far. The insights are based on over 890,438 supply lists posted for the 2022-2023 school year that will be shopped by over 20 million families. 


One of the major impacts on shopping habits this year is the economy. TeacherLists found the top 25 most requested products across all subjects and grade levels, including items like pocket folders, composition notebooks, and dry erase markers, increased in price by 32%, costing a total of $167. To account for supply chain issues, TeacherLists saw families coming to find and shop their lists earlier than ever as they compared prices across retailers and took advantage of early sales like Prime Day deals. 


“We got this information as it was happening in real time,” says Charles Field, CEO of School Family Media. “It’s the most efficient way of understanding what’s important to consumers, so we and our partners can best serve our school communities.  


TeacherLists found the lists are changing too. Requests for personal COVID-19 related supplies, such as masks and hand wipes, have gone down, while technology accessories such as headphones continue to rise. In addition, TeacherLists saw an increase in requests for art and craft supplies with more schools asking for items like Play Doh and card stock for hands-on classroom activities. In contrast, requests for personal items that were hot during the pandemic, like individual white boards and hand-held pencil sharpeners, are trending down to pre-covid levels with one exception – personal water bottles are here to stay.  


For a copy of the full report, contact Dyanne Griffin at dgriffin@teacherlists.com  



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Originally posted 2022

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