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How School Districts Use TeacherLists for School Supply Lists

Learn how school districts use TeacherLists for their school supply list management to make a winning first impression on school families.


TeacherLists works directly with school districts across the country to make school supply list shopping easy and convenient for parents. Smart districts and schools know that making this annual chore easy is a great way to create a winning first impression and start to engage with parents before school even starts.

Districts incorporate TeacherLists into their integrated communication plans; it’s an important part of how they help parents during back-to-school time. Check out our case studies and state spotlights below to see how districts and schools are using TeacherLists to improve efficiency for school administrators and make school supply list shopping easy for parents.


Metro Nashville school district logo

Case Study: Metro Nashville Public Schools Ease the Burden of Supply Shopping for Parents

Metro Nashville Public Schools was looking for a solution to get all its school supply lists posted in one place that was easily accessible for all parents before the annual sales tax holiday. TeacherLists became the central hub for all the district’s supply lists, and the ease of uploading lists freed up the communications team to focus on larger district matters.

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Case Study: Weatherford Independent School District Creates Back-to-School Supply Lists for Distance Learning

To help prepare students to learn in the classroom and at home, Weatherford ISD made it easy for parents to shop back-to-school supply lists without leaving the comfort and safety of home. All of the district’s “online learning” and “learning at school” supply lists have been posted on TeacherLists, allowing families easy and convenient access to what their children will need to transition to the new school year.

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27J school district logo

Case Study: Colorado District Increases Efficiency—and Impresses School Families

27J Schools in Colorado wanted a way to make its schools stand out as parents are making the decision for where to send their children. District administrators liked how TeacherLists made communication with parents more efficient and positioned them as “ahead of the curve” when it came to new and improved technology.

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Lockport School District Logo

Case Study: Lockport City School District Allows Parents Easy Access to Up-to-Date School Supply Lists

Lockport City School District wanted a tool that could make school supply shopping easier for district parents. During the districtwide rollout process, the team found the upload process to be extremely user-friendly and the editing of each list quick and easy. The team also took advantage of the ability to print each list as well as have it translated to suit their needs.

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State Spotlights

Learn more about the schools in each state using TeacherLists. Click on the thumbnail to see the full graphic.


6,200 schools and 43,600 school supply lists
“Quick, easy to use, and I don’t have to worry about translating a list since I’m a bilingual teacher with several parents who only speak Spanish.” —Cristina G., Teacher, El Campo ISD
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teacherlists florida schools3,300 schools and 26,000 school supply lists
“To know that I do not have to try and beat the new school year shopping pandemonium is the best.” —Frances L., Parent Volunteer, Lake County Schools
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teacherlists georgia schools2,000 schools and 15,000 school supply lists
“TeacherLists makes it easy for the working parent to gather school supplies for their children in one easy click!” —Ashley H., Teacher, Sand Hill Elementary School
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North Carolina

teacherlists north carolina schools2,200 schools and 17,000 school supply lists
“This is wonderful! I put the link on our website and FB page. Our parents are loving this!” —Carrie J., School Secretary, Western Union Elementary School
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South Carolina

teacherlists south carolina schools1,000 schools and 8,000 school supply lists
“Why didn’t anyone think of this years ago?” —Rachel B., Teacher, Cornerstone Christian School
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teacherlists virginia schools2,000 schools and 13,000 school supply lists
“I love the convenience of TeacherLists. I can create lists and share them with all the families at our school.” —Beth R., Parent Leader, Amherst County Public Schools
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New York

teacherlists new york schools2,700 schools and 33,800 school supply lists
“TeacherLists is the new way to purchase school supplies. One click and you’re on your way!” —Gilda C., Parent Coordinator, PS 104Q the Bays Water School
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New Jersey

teacherlists new jersey schools1,700 schools and 13,000 school supply lists
“Great idea to make back-to-school shopping effortless for parents.” —Karen C., Monroe Township
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2,100 schools and 15,300 school supply lists
“Order school supplies online. One click add to cart.” —Parkway Schools
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3,700 schools and 28,000 school supply lists
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1,800 schools and 11,400 school supply lists
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Originally posted 2019

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