27J School District partners with TeacherLists (Case Study)

27J School District partners with TeacherLists (Case Study)

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Colorado District’s Partnership With TeacherLists Increases Efficiency—and Impresses School Families

27J Schools, located in Brighton, Colo., was first introduced to TeacherLists in
2017 through Blackboard. TeacherLists was pitched as a solution to help
the district make communication with parents more efficient and
ensure they were ahead of the curve when it came to new and improved
school technology. Both were key initiatives to help draw families to enroll in
the school.

In Colorado, like many areas across the country, parents are able to select
from a variety of public or private school options for their children’s schooling.
Schools are always looking for ways to show parents that they’re the best
option available for their child. 27J understood this and was looking to ensure
that their website was painting an accurate picture of the variety of services
and opportunities available to students in the district.

27J Schools used Blackboard’s Web Community Manager to create the
streamlined and professional online presence they were searching for, and then
in 2018 integrated the TeacherLists custom app for their school supply lists.

  • To make uploading lists easier for individual schools, the district marketing
    technician created a step-by-step tutorial. The goals were to empower the
    school staff to learn and use TeacherLists efficiently and effectively, and also
    let them know that if they ran into any challenges, the district was there for
    support and assistance. This process went very smoothly. Every staff
    member, regardless of their technical know-how, was easily able
    to take on the role of list administrator.
  • To make finding the lists easy for parents, 27J Schools created a supply list icon
    that they placed on all their websites across the district; the icon leads parents to their correct school and list.

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When the 27J Schools team is looking to implement a new initiative or solution,
making parents’ lives easier is top of mind. They look at parents in the district as
their customers and want to find solutions that meet their needs.

TeacherLists is one part of their integrated parent communication plan,
but an integral aspect of how they help parents during back-to-school
time. Since fall is the time of year when parents are flooded with forms and
requests, TeacherLists has helped make part of the process much easier.
The district loves that parents can quickly find a list and select items—and if
they forget something, they can easily find the list again. 27J feels that by
making this easier, they’re showing parents that they value their time—and in
doing so, this makes them a much more attractive option in parents’ school
choice decision.

Future Plans
After a highly successful first year with TeacherLists, the 27J team is looking
toward ways to make the process even smoother for parents.
Their aim is to start the process with TeacherLists in early March, meet with
the school list managers during their spring meetings, and ensure lists are
uploaded and communicated to parents before the end of the school year.
Having early and easy access to this information will continue to make
the back-to-school season even easier for parents and teachers.

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