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End-Of-Year Gifts Your Teacher Actually Wants

The last day of school is right around the corner. Another successful year of learning and growing for your child has gone by… all thanks to their teacher! Show their teacher how thankful you are for helping your child be the best they can be. Here are tips for a thoughtful sendoff to end the year right.


Supplies for next year

Part of every teacher’s summer is stocking up on school supplies for their class. Take off some of the burden by finding their list and buying a few items they need.


Go the extra mile with custom supplies!

How cute are personalized pencils? They come in every color and are sure to make your child’s teacher smile.


Heartfelt notes 

Even a small note from your child sharing their favorites memories, what they learned, and a simple “thank you” go a long way for teachers.


Gift cards are always a good idea

It may seem less personal, but it’s what most teachers really want! You can go with the usuals—Amazon, Target, Visa—or choose a local restaurant or coffee shop where they can treat themselves.


Pick the perfect plant

Bring beautiful hues to your favorite teacher by treating them to a new potted plant or hand-picked flowers. 


Summertime supplies!

A summer-themed care package with a beach towel, SPF, and a water bottle will help encourage your teacher to get some much-needed summertime relaxation.


A bit of encouragement 

At the end of the year, email your school’s principal with a glowing review of your child’s teacher. Cite specifics, like areas you’ve seen your child improve. CC your child’s teacher to make sure they know they’re getting that positive feedback and encouragement where it counts.


Laptop cases, tote bags, lunchboxes

It’s just a fact of life—teachers have a lot to carry! 



  • Think about what families usually get for their teachers: mugs, candy, etc.. Now imagine getting 25 of them… every single year. It’s a lot! Try not to lean into the go-to gifts.
  • Food and drink can be tricky. While many families opt to get wine or baked goods for their teachers, you never know someone’s dietary restrictions and lifestyle. It’s best to avoid these things unless you’re 100% certain of what they like.
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Originally posted 2024

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