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How To: Claim Your Supply Lists On

Updated 04/25/19

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Activate Your School and Claim All Your School’s Lists:

See your school’s back-to-school supply lists and want to do more with them?¬† Activate your school and you can share¬†the lists¬†with parents, edit them, even archive them for next year.¬† Once your school is activated not only do you have access to the best tool to create, update and share your school supply lists, you and your school may also become eligible for rewards!

To activate your school,simply click here to create your TeacherLists Admin account.

create an admin account screen

It takes¬†less than¬†2 minutes and it will allow you to claim your school’s lists.¬† Already have a TeacherLists account? Simply click “Request Admin Rights” from within your dashboard.

teacherlists admin screen

Once we verify with your school, you will have full access to all your school lists.  Read more about what you can do as a TeacherLists admin.

You may activate your school yourself (following the directions above) or just contact us  and let us know your name, email, school and school zip code.  We will assign your list to you, email you your account information and you can get started.


Claim An Individual List:

You may also claim an individual list.  To claim your supply list on TeacherLists, you will need a TeacherLists account.  If you have an existing account, log in; if you do not have an account, you will be prompted to create one during the claim process.


First, find the list you would like to manage: enter your zip code in the “find a list” box, select your school and click on the list.¬† If the list has not been claimed you will see “connect this list to a list manager” in blue under the name of the supply list – click on it.


screenshot of a supply list

Next, select yourself, or another person at your school, as the list manager.

connect to a list manager screen

It’s that simple.¬† The person you selected can now manage the list.¬† The list will appear in the user’s dashboard.

my lists screenshot


Share Your List :

You can share an individual list or you can share a link to all of your school’s lists.  To share a list:  simply hover your cursor over the list you would like to share:

share your list screen


Select the share button and you will be provided with many ways to get your list to parents:

share you list screen


Click on the option you prefer – email, print, website link, Facebook post or a Twitter.¬† The ‚ÄúWebsite Link‚ÄĚ option provides you a website badge link for your school or classroom website ‚Äď for more information about how to embed a link to your list or school‚Äôs lists click here .

Questions?  Please email us at or call us at 800-644-3561  x6.

Originally posted 2013

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5 Comments for How To: Claim Your Supply Lists On

Betty Streeter

I really hope you pick Murphy high School We live in a rural area and we need all the help we can get. Most people around here are afraid to sign up for alot of things because of scams. So I did it for them I know my daughter could use extra supplies so I know there are more in her school Thanks so very Much for the chance


I would like to update my list using many of the same items as last year however – it shows them as “completed” as if parents have already donated.
Is there a way to “reset” the list without having to add and retype all of the same items over again?


    Hi Susan,
    Yes, there is a way to reset your wish list. Log into your account, find the list you would like to reset, hover your mouse over it and click “reset” – it will reset all the pledge quantities to 0. Please email us at if you have any questions!


Sandra Kessler

Hi. I am encouraged by the wonderful generosity of teacher lists.
It is refreshing to see companies and organizations giving to teachers.
Education must be measured by our strengths. And by the creative minds of our children .We can only hope to influence them in a most positive way. thank you

Deborah Brintle

I appreciate the opportunity to replenish the supplies for my children. We live in an area where donations and extra support are greatly appreciated and needed. Thank you for this chance.