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TeacherLists FAQs – What does it mean to Share a List?

Updated 03/21/18

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What does it mean to “Share” my supply lists?

Heard the term, but just not sure what it means? Sharing your list is simply making your lists visible or communicating them to parents using some really cool (and easy!) tools we’ve made available for you. You can email them, add them to Social Media (Facebook or Twitter), link them to your classroom, school, and parent group website, message them out via Remind.com, Class Dojo or other messaging services, etc. There are tons of other ways of sharing them as well! Whatever method that you typically communicate with parents is the best way of sharing your lists as well. Check out all the options when viewing your lists by clicking the green “Share” button in the top right hand side of your school’s page OR your lists’ page.

screenshot showing green Share button

You can also share from your dashboard or after you have edited your list as well.

screenshot of green share button on dashboard


Here at TeacherLists, we’ve made it super easy to share your list with parents. In addition to giving you step-by-step directions, we have also created some fun, eye catching banners to add to your web page. Check them out here: Banner Links. We also have some cool banners that you can use on Social Media as well. Find them here.  Looking for more info about sharing your lists with some of the most popular messaging apps? Click here.

Want more information about Sharing Lists? Click here.

Now, that you understand how sharing can help you better communicate with your parents, get started here by logging into your account and get sharing!

Originally posted 2018

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