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TeacherLists FAQ: Classroom Wish Lists for Teachers and Schools

How do I know who has pledged items to my wish list?

When a parent has pledged an item to your wish list, it automatically generates an email to you, confirming who has made a pledge and the quantity they will be sending in.


How can I increase the number of pledges on my wish list?

To maximize the number of pledges that your wish list receives, make sure that you share the list with your parents. Parents can’t donate items to your wish list if they don’t know about it! Add a link to the list onto your class website or in your email signature line. Have a Facebook or Twitter account, or use Remind.com, Class Dojo, or other messaging services? Don’t forget to share your wish and supply lists with parents these ways, as well.

Originally posted 2018

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2 Comments for TeacherLists FAQ: Classroom Wish Lists for Teachers and Schools

Jessica Miller

I created the list for my sons teacher and now I’m getting the emails for the pledges. How do I add the teacher to it so she sees who pledges things to her classroom?


    Hi Jessica.

    You will either have to forward them to the teacher, or you can send a note to tlsupport@teacherlists.com with the teacher’s email. We can assign the teacher as the list admin for you and they will then receive the pledge emails.