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Display your back-to-school supply lists on your website with the TeacherLists iFrame

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Back-to-School communications are an essential part of ensuring students are first-day ready. With technology now a part of everyday life, it’s more important than ever to upgrade your school and district website for the best possible user experience. Thankfully, the TeacherLists iframe is an easy solution for both you and your school families!

This simple, responsive, plug-and-play technology makes it easy to provide your families with the correct school supply list right on your website. Once your supply lists are posted, request your free TeacherLists iframe by filling out this simple form.

TeacherLists iframe highlights include:

  • Customizable colors to match your branding
  • Supply lists viewable and printable in both English and Spanish
  • Super convenient one-click supply list shopping (a favorite for families!)
  • For pre-made social graphics, printable stickers or customizable flyers to let families know their child’s supply lists is ready to shop on your site, get our free kit!

Questions? Contact us here. We’re happy to help!

Originally posted 2023

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