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Exclusive Perks for TeacherLists Admins

Being a TeacherLists Admin means you’ll have overall management rights for all of the supply lists at your school, even if the lists were posted by another user. This puts you in the driver’s seat so you can quickly and easily make updates to your school’s lists anytime you want, year over year.


As a TeacherLists Admin, you can:

  • Create new lists: Lists can be created at the classroom, grade or school level.
  • Update lists: Update your lists at any time or simply update from year to year if your lists stay the same.
  • Share lists: Easily share your lists with school parents via banner links, email, or social media.
  • Archive or delete lists: Delete outdated lists, or move them to the archive so they’ll no longer appear when parents search.
  • Reactivate lists: Reactivate any list that has been previously archived.
  • Reassign lists: Assign existing lists to new teachers.


What is the A+ Club?

When you sign up to be a TeacherLists Admin (it’s totally free), you’ll automatically become a member of our A+ Club! You’ll get an extra entry into all of our sweepstakes and giveaways, a free gift every year, and exclusive admin-only info—plus you’ll be empowered to manage the supply lists for your school. Here are some of the exclusive admin-only perks you’ll enjoy.

Free gift

Just for signing up, we’ll send a free classroom gift to your attention at your school address—every year! (If you sign up during the summer, your gift will be shipped during the fall once schools have reopened.)

Extra entries for sweepstakes and giveaways

Every year, TeacherLists runs some pretty cool sweepstakes (with prizes like a $500 school supply stash, a school supply vending machine, or even $5,000 for your school). As an admin, you’ll get an extra entry into each sweepstakes you enter, making it more likely for you to win!

Dedicated Account Manager

As an A+ Club member, you’ll have direct access to your own dedicated account manager who will help you get set up, make supply list changes, and answer any questions you may have at any point throughout the year.

Access to our A+ Club Facebook Group

Once you’re part of the club, join our A+ Club Facebook Group where you can collaborate with other TeacherLists Admins for helpful tips, tricks and advice.

Free Parent Involvement Tool Kit

We’ll send you a free Parent Involvement Tool Kit published by our sister company, PTO Today, filled with information and services to help parent group leaders run their groups more efficiently and serve their schools more effectively.

Exclusive content

We’ll provide you with helpful supply list tips, info, and insights throughout the year.

  • Annual yearly usage report: Upon request, you’ll get a report listing the supply list and wish list activity for your entire school—which means you’ll know who’s viewing your lists and when (and even who’s pledged to donate items to your teachers’ wish lists!).
  • Best practice guidelines: Get quick tips and tricks on how to make the supply list process as simple as possible for your school and parents.
  • New TeacherLists feature updates: You’ll be among the first to know about our latest product enhancements!


Ready to become an admin? Just login and go to your dashboard to request admin rights.


Simply select the school that you’d like to be a TeacherLists Admin for and then click Continue.


That’s it! You’ll be notified when your request has been approved.

To expedite the process, we recommend notifying your school administration team that we’ll be calling OR better yet, have them (school secretary, principal, etc.), email us at tlsupport@teacherlists.com and let us know they approve the request.


Don’t have a TeacherLists account yet? Create an admin account

Once we verify your request with your school, you’ll be given school wide list privileges—it’s that simple.

Have any questions? Give us a call at 800-644-3561 x6 or email us at tlsupport@TeacherLists.com We’re happy to help you and your school get set up and ready!


Originally posted 2019

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