How To Add Your TeacherLists List to Your School Website

How To Add Your TeacherLists List to Your School Website

Updated 01/6/20

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Adding a TeacherLists badge to your school web site

You’ve taken a few minutes to create your list and now it is available for all your parents to view on  When you saved your list you were offered the opportunity to email your list, print it, post it to Facebook or share it via Twitter – all great ways to share it with parents.

You may have noticed another option “Website Link” – sounds techie- but we’ve made it very simple to do and it’s one of the best ways to share your lists with parents.  Watch our video to see just how easy it is!

Website Link allows you to create a badge for your school website that links to all your school’s lists – or you can link directly to just your list on your classroom webpage.

school homepage screenshot School homepage screenshot

How To:

First, go and find your school lists – click on the red “Link” icon on the top right of the screen (if you want to link directly to a single list, click on the specific list to view it, then click on it’s “Link” icon):

School Page:

school page on TeacherLists


List Page:

list page on teacherlists

Select the red link icon and instructions, your web link and the HTML code will appear:

screenshot of shareable banner

Identify the location on your classroom webpage or school website where you will place the TeacherLists badge – the parent HTML container (usually a </div>).  Copy the TeacherLists HTML code and paste it in that location– it will look something like this:

</div><iframe src=”” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″></iframe></div>

It is super quick, super simple and a great way to make it even easier for parents to find your list and help stock your classroom!   Need help?  Email us at or call 800-644-3561 extension 6.


Iframe Option:

We also offer an Iframe option that allows you to display all of your schools lists right on your site.   Please call or email us if you are interested in this option – ; 800-644-3561 extension 6.


sample school page with classroom lists


EdTech Options:

Finally, we have partnerships with many EdTech companies that offer the ability to view your TeacherLists Supply Lists from within their website or application. Among our partners include: BlackBoard Web Community Manager (formerly known as SchoolWires), SchoolMessenger, SchoolInfo App, ParentSquare, SchoolAPPtitude, and MemberHub among others. Check with your own CMS or website developer for more information, or check out our site for more information on incorporating different Communication Solutions with your TeacherLists account

Need help?  Email us at or call 800-644-3561 x6




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not participate or contribute to their educational process. Any thing we might receive through this Kleenex promotions would be so deeply appreciated.
Most of our students come from broken homes as well as poverty situations. They need all of the attention they can get and so much help!!