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How To: Unpublish (and Publish) Your Back-to-School Supply Lists

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You can unpublish your back-to-school supply list or classroom wish list with just a few clicks. Once unpublished, your list will no longer appear when parents search for your school and view the school lists. However, it will remain in your dashboard so you’ll be able to see the list, edit it, publish it, and share it as soon as you’re ready.

To unpublish your list, simply log into your account, click the “Actions” dropdown to the right of the list you want to unpublish, and click “unpublish.”


Once you’ve unpublished your list, the green dot to the right of your list will turn red.


To publish your list, simply click the “Actions” dropdown to the right of your unpublished list and click “publish” in the dropdown.


If you’d like to permanently delete a list, click the “Actions” dropdown to the right of that list and click “delete” in the dropdown. You can delete both published and unpublished lists.


Warning: Once you delete a list, you can’t retrieve it again—so please use this option carefully! When in doubt, simply leave the list “unpublished”; parents won’t be able to view it, and it can be retrieved at any time.

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Originally posted 2013

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11 Comments for How To: Unpublish (and Publish) Your Back-to-School Supply Lists

Sherrie Hall

Anything would be greatly appreciated

Paula Wiese

Any items on my list are greatly appreciated. We have a large art department. We manage on a small budget.
Wish List
1. Digital camera, cannon or Nikon are best, all accepted
2. Tissue box
3. Hand cream
4. Gallon size zip lock bags
5. Sandwich size zip lock bags
6. Elmer’s glue
7. Glue sticks, any size
8. Xacto knives
9. Fiskar scissors
10. Sharpie markers
11. Vis a vis markers
12. Yarn , especially nature colors
13. Hand cream, pump bottles

Mary Elordi

How do I completely delete a list?
I made a list for a new teacher and it came up under my lists.
I need to delete her list not archive it.


    Hi Mary, Archiving the list will take it out of public view. Or we can delete it for you. Let us know the name of the list and the school it was posted for. You can post here or send us an email at tlsupport@teacherlists.com.


Laurie Jones

I would like to delete a list, how can I do this?
My school is Glenoaks Elementary in Glendale,CA.
You will see from our lists, there are duplicates.

Thank you,


    Hi Laurie,
    Thank you for your email. To remove a list from public view, log into your account. You will be brought to your dashboard where you can view all your lists. Hover over the list you would like to remove and click “archive”. This will remove the list. If you do not have access to the lists you would like to update we suggest you request “admin rights” – this will allow you to update and archive any of the lists at your school even if they were posted by another user. You will see the “request admin rights” link in your dashboard as well.
    If you need help, post here, email us at tlsupport@teacherlists.com, or call 800-644-3561, our support line is open 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern Time M-F.

Bienvenida Sanchez

I can’t find my uploaded lists in your site.

ms cornelius

hey what do i do im new here

Bre Hershberger

Please edit Faith Christian School in Kearney, NE to reflect our new address:

5710 19th Ave, Kearney, NE 68845

Also, please delete the trial list we created (Teacher Appreciation Week). It does not need to be archived, please delete the original and any archived copies. Thank you!

Thank you!

Lorinda Utter

Teaching in two schools is challenging because you either need two of everything or you become a pack horse. Any item on my list would be appreciated.

isabella nisimov

I need a school supplies list for forth grade and thirth grade