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District Discussions: Stephanie McConnell

We recently caught up with Texas based assistant superintendent, Stephanie McConnell, where she shared how she connects with the parents in her community and how her district supports the teachers of Hawkins ISD all year long.


What do you view as your most important contribution to the daily operations of your school?

I believe my most important contribution to my school is helping administrators, teachers, and students learn and succeed.  My hope is to help and develop a deep understanding of how content and teaching promote student learning, offer support to improve the work and provide models of practice.  Of course, through all of that, we work collaboratively to improve student outcomes.

What has been your biggest challenge since the pandemic started?  

My biggest challenge is virtual meetings.  They are the norm, and I really miss face-to-face.  I do not learn well virtually.  I believe I get more out of face-to-face meetings and trainings.

What’s your favorite social media platform and why?  

My favorite social media platform is Instagram.  I absolutely love Instagram Stories.  I can learn more about someone and their real personality through sharing stories.  It seems more relaxed than the other platforms.

What are you doing in your community to engage with families and parents?

I currently reside in our community, but I haven’t always lived here.  The community is a small town.  In a small-town, it is easy to get to know everyone.  I attend school events regularly.  I also stay visible on campuses throughout the days and get to know the students and faculty.

How does your district support their teachers?

The best part of Hawkins ISD is the staff.  They are such a blessing, so supporting them is definitely held in high regard.  Just recently, we gave our teachers a $1000 check for their hard work.  We also have booked coffee trucks, provided treats, and birthday cards.  However, really taking the time to get to know the teachers and staff is something that doesn’t cost anything financially.  I think when you invest in your people you get so much more in return.

Originally posted 2021

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