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DIY Ribbon Streamers for Your Classroom

Learning area: Art
Time commitment: Moderate (30 minutes)
Best for: Any classroom




Welcome students back to school with colorful ceiling and wall art! Make your own Ribbon Garland with these simple steps. Creating a welcoming environment can help motivate students and get them started on the right foot. As you may want to change colors during the year, Case•it offers a unique and mobile way to store the supplies. Plus, storing these supplies means you can create colorful fun anywhere you go!  


Case•it King Tab Zipper Binder in preferred color 

Case•it Tri-Zip Pencil Case in preferred color 

Sheet Protectors/or 3-ring zip pockets 

Divider Stickers 

Colorful Ribbon/Streamers 



Thumbtacks, tape, or Command Strips  




Determine what style you’re going for–then go for it!  

  1. Cut your ribbon into strips– either in symmetrical lengths for a fringy look, or different lengths for an eclectic look. We recommend mixing colors, too!  
  2. Cut a long piece of string to carry all the ribbon– be sure to measure if you want to cover a certain amount of space!  
  3. Start tying your ribbon to the string with a bowknot, or any knot style you like. 
  4. Continue knotting ribbons until you’ve covered the length of the string. 
  5. Hang string on the ceiling using thumbtack, Command Strips, or tape, depending on what your school allows. 


Organize and store materials for later 

  1. Take Case•it Mighty Zip Tab and put the Tri-Zip Pencil Pouch inside, along with sheet protectors on 3-inch rings. 
  2. Store all scissors, tape, and string inside Case•it Tri-Zip Pencil Pouch. 
  3. Use Divider Stickers to label sheet protectors so you can stay organized.
  4. Use the attached file folder to organize more ribbon, so you can switch up the colors in your classroom whenever you want!



Originally posted 2024

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