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Printable for Parents: Earth Day Riddles

Celebrate Earth Day as a family!

Earth Day Riddles Printable

Celebrate Earth Day with riddles!

Challenge the family by solving riddles together. Team up or play as your own team, scoring a point for each riddle solved correctly. Add an incentive: what does the winner get?

There are so many benefits to riddles: critical thinking and problem-solving skills, team building, active engagement, cognitive stimulation, energizer, learning new information, and of course having fun—trust us, your children will be begging for more family riddle nights!

Cut out the cards with the riddles. When it is your turn, ask your teammate the riddle and have them solve it. If you aren’t playing on a team, ask the opposing player the riddle and have them solve it. If the riddle is solved, a point is earned. If not, no point is earned, and the next player/team gets a chance to solve their riddle.

🔗Download your free Riddle Me This: Earth Day Edition printable!🌍

Originally posted 2024

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