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Making Holiday Magic at Home

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The holiday season comes and goes much faster than we ever think it will. When stores start running holiday ads and putting their festive decor up before Halloween, it’s easy to think we have all the time in the world to enjoy the season–only for it to go by in the blink of an eye. If you’re looking for ways to make this holiday season magical for your children, look no further! We’ve written up an itinerary perfect for any winter wonderland.


1. Make your own decorations

Yes, store bought decorations are beautiful, but nothing fills your home with holiday magic like each personality in your home shining through.


Use these for inspiration:

            Paper Spring Reindeer

            Frosty Peppermint Snowman

            Gingerbread House Ornaments


2. Include your children in holiday baking

Letting your kids help while you get ready for the celebrations makes them feel important and involved in the process. Whether you want them to crack eggs, mix everything together, or press the cookie cutters, baking is a bonding activity they won’t ever forget!

 3. Start a weekly movie night

Start each weekend with another holiday movie! Sit down with your family and make a movie calendar specific to the tastes of each person. Pull out all the stops with hot chocolate and other festive goodies!


 4. Fill your home with song

If you find yourself getting sick of hearing the same holiday songs year after year, it’s time to start branching out. Find your next holiday earworm and make memories to it all season long. Even better, ask your kids which holiday jingle is their favorite, and compile everyone’s picks into a playlist just for your family.


5. Get creative with Elf on a Shelf

You’ve probably seen viral posts in the past where that pesky Elf on a Shelf gets into some real mischief. This year, commit to making your Elf on the Shelf a true source of joy and whimsy for your kids. You can find plenty of ideas here and here.


6. 12 Days of Bookmas

No one wants their kids to forget about their education just because it’s the holiday season. Do some light holiday reading with the 12 Days of Bookmas–where you leave a wrapped book on their bed each night leading up to the holiday you celebrate and read it together as a family.


7. Mark specific days for non-negotiable family time

One of the downfalls of the season is how busy you can get without noticing. If you’re not careful, the season can pass you by without doing anything festive. Set aside a few days where you’re guaranteed to do something as a family–no work, no play dates, no other obligations. Make plans like visiting holiday markets, seeing a movie in theaters, driving around and looking at lights, etc.. Search your area for events like tree lightings to maximize your time together.


8. Start a holiday memory book

At some point during the season, have your kids write down their favorite memory from this holiday season. Keep those memories in a book or folder, and revisit them next year while you write down your new favorites! As the years go on, you’ll create a beautiful keepsake book to look back on fondly.


9. Rock matching pajamas as a family

No explanation needed!

Originally posted 2023

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