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Back-to-School Welcome Kit

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Welcome students back to school with personalized gift bags. In just a few quick steps, create little kits that will help get students excited for the school year ahead. This project is also great for parents who want to make going back to school special for their children.


  • Fiskars pointed-tip kids scissors (5″) in various colors
  • Fiskars blunt-tip kids scissors (5″) in various colors
  • Fiskars pinking paper edger
  • Fiskars bow tie squeeze punch (XL, 2″)
  • brown paper bags
  • black permanent marker
  • brightly colored paper (optionally, to match the scissor handle colors)
  • hot glue gun or small adhesive dots
  • yellow pencils
  • other school supplies, such as crayons, markers, or colored pencils


  1. Measure each plain brown paper bag to 3.5″ high and trim using the Fiskars pinking paper edger.

  2. Draw a simple ruler on a piece of paper as a guide, then transfer the design onto the left side of each paper bag with the permanent marker.
  3. Add a personalized welcome back message to the front of each bag.

  4. Using brightly colored paper and the bow tie squeeze punch, punch out a bow to top each pencil with. Match the paper color to the scissor handle color for a stylish look. Assemble the bows and adhere them to each pencil using adhesive dots or a hot glue gun. As an alternative to the bow, you can cut out a triangle to attach as a flag.

  5. Assemble and share the gift bags!

by Jen Causey of Something Turquoise

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Originally posted 2021

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