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7 New Year’s Eve Traditions to Start This Year

Can you believe 2023 is almost here? Welcome the New Year with some fun activities that are sure to turn into full-blown traditions by the end of the night! We’ve rounded up 7 unforgettable ideas that will make New Year’s Eve a household favorite holiday!


  1. Make New Year’s resolutions and hold each other to it!

We all make resolutions on December 31st, but most of us let life get in the way by the second week of January. Have everyone in your family write down what they want to do in the new year and create vision boards to get everyone excited for the upcoming year. Whenever you’re feeling discouraged about your goals, get inspired by gazing at your board or even adding to it!


  1. Make appetizer-style foods

Finger foods are a staple at any New Year’s Eve party, even ones in your own home with family. Let everyone have a say, and have your kids help you with the shopping and preparation of their app of choice. Bonus points if you dress up each dish to give it more of that classy roaring 20’s hors d’oeuvres style!


  1. Incorporate New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world

In Denmark, when the clock strikes midnight, Danes jump off a chair to symbolize jumping right into the new and leaving the old behind. In Spain, they eat 12 grapes to represent prosperity for each of the 12 upcoming months. Find activities and superstitions that speak to your family (or that just seem fun!) and make it a central part of your night!


  1. Make some paper plate shakers

Noise making is a huge part of the New Year’s celebration! It’s basically the one night a year that people are encouraged to be as loud as they can. With paper plate noise makers, kids can get creative and noisy at the same time!


  1. Fill out a New Year’s time capsule

New Year’s is often a reflective holiday. We see how much we’ve grown and everything we did the past year. Record some of those with this printout and open it up next year to reminisce!


  1. Set up a hot chocolate bar

Who doesn’t love a fully customizable hot chocolate? Candy canes, caramel, cinnamon, marshmallows, the choice is yours! Offer a wide variety of treats your kids will love, and you’ll see it’ll do something for your inner child too. Cheers!


  1. Let your kids get in on the decorating

There are tons of cheap party decorations at places like Family Dollar, Walmart, and Target. Let your kids help you blow up balloons, pick out festive paper plates, etc.. Once you get home, turn on some music, and turn the preparation into a fun decorating-dance party hybrid!

Originally posted 2022

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