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8 Ways to Reorganize Your Home for 2024


We know, the post-holiday, post-New Year clutter is real. Let’s face it: you spent the past month or so enjoying good food, buying and receiving presents, and decorating for the festivities. It’s like the ultimate sugar crash when it’s all over. Luckily, we rounded up 8 easy, totally doable ideas to declutter and reorganize your home for 2024, so you can get a head start on spring cleaning this year!


Give everything a space

This may sound obvious, and you may even be thinking “everything has a place already,” but you’d be surprised. Ever wonder why you’re always losing your scissors? What about your keys? It’s because while they may usually be in the same general area, they don’t have an actual place in your home. This is also how junk drawers become so easily overwhelmed. Take whatever is currently cluttering your space and designate a real spot to it. This might even involve going out to buy hooks or drawer organizers, but you’ll be happy you did it.


Go vertical

Vertical storage not only creates more space, but it’s more visually appealing. Who knew! This is especially true in the kitchen­– cutting boards set vertically against the wall, pans hanging from hooks, and tall utensil holders, it gives you more room in addition to elongating the space to the eye. This creates the look of higher ceilings, which in turn creates the look of a more spacious room!


The classic double-hanger hack

If you drink soda or other canned beverages regularly, save those metal tabs. You can use them to create DIY double-hanger holders, which then will then open up even more closet space! Simply put your hanger hooks through the holes and hang up the top garment.


Designate one junk drawer

No, it’s not counterintuitive. Think to yourself for a second­– how many junk drawers do you have? One is fine, necessary even. But like most people, you likely have more than one. Reducing it to just one junk drawer will create more meaningful space in your cabinets, plus clutter is less likely to accumulate if you know where everything is! This may be the ultimate way to reorganize your home!


Hang up your kids’ artwork

There are most definitely drawings, paintings, and other art projects lying around creating unwanted clutter. Hang them up! Whether it’s on the fridge, their room, or turning their play room into a museum of their own work, you’ll be de-cluttering and decorating at the same time!


Make room for new toys

Did your kids get more toys than you anticipated this holiday season? It happens. Making room for new toys is easy though– between the toy carousel method and donating, there’s a myriad of ways to say out with the old and in with the new!


Set your kids up for success for 2024

It’s time to refresh their homework stations! Go through their binders, folders, and workbooks with them to determine what can be set aside for now. Designate a folder for old schoolwork that will need revisiting later (for standardized testing, long-term projects, etc.) and keep the current assignments in their folders for school. Bonus points if you have a third folder for subjects of years past so your child can refresh their memory whenever they need it! Who knew you could reorganize your home and help your child’s education at the same time?


Try the 5-Things-a-Day method

This method is easy– pick up 5 things every day and find put it back where it belongs. This is perfect for the ultra-busy parent who has a harder time setting aside an entire afternoon for a deep cleaning. Over the course of a week, you’ll come backs to an increasingly sparkly clean home!

Originally posted 2023

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