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School Supply Lists Now available in Spanish on TeacherLists

You asked, we listened! Now, parents can view and print their child’s list in Spanish or English. Simply select “En Español” at the top of any list to have your school supply list translated into Spanish. You can revert the list back to English by selecting “In English.” (Note: The translations are only for lists; the rest of the site remains in English.)


Let Spanish-speaking families know their lists are ready!

TeacherLists now offers Spanish banner links for you to post on your school, classroom or parent group websites to help parents easily find their child’s school supply list. Check our simple, step-by-step instructions on how to link your lists.

Banner link options include:

Spanish orange school supply lists are ready banner


Ready to get started?

View or upload your list today!

Check out our Support Page for more info on how to make the most of your TeacherLists account. Still have questions or comments?

Our school supply lists can now be easily found with our new interactive state-by-state map!

Originally posted 2018

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