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Collegium Charter School Partners With TeacherLists (Case Study)

Back-to-school preparations can be complicated, time-consuming, and stressful for both school employees and families. It can be difficult to balance tasks and set priorities because there’s just so much to be done. Marita K. Barber, CEO of Collegium Charter School, a K-12 public school in Exton, Pa., knew that simplifying the student supply process would be hugely beneficial for new and returning families, as well as the faculty.



Collegium discovered TeacherLists in 2016 while researching products to help consolidate its more than 130 K-12 student supply lists into a single location on its website. They needed a product that was able to streamline Collegium’s student supply lists process for families, faculty, and staff. It also had to be easy to use and navigate for everyone involved. TeacherLists was the clear answer to accomplish these goals and more.

Collegium posted student supply lists to the “News & Notes” section of its homepage, where all important school updates can be found. From there, teachers and administrators share their lists with Collegium families via email messages, ClassDojo postings, and other communications platforms.

Staff members occasionally need assistance to maximize their use of the platform—usually from a technical standpoint. They have reported that TeacherLists support representatives are attentive, knowledgeable, and exceedingly generous with their time and expertise. With their help, Collegium has significantly streamlined its student supply list creation, access, and ease of use.



With TeacherLists now firmly in place at Collegium, the student supply list process is much more manageable and straightforward. Now, educators can direct their focus on welcoming new and returning families to Collegium’s educational opportunities, and school families are better able to receive important information. That’s the real return on investment in TeacherLists for Collegium Charter School.

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Originally posted 2021

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