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Nice ‘n CLEAN® Partners With TeacherLists To Help Keep Classrooms Clean, Healthy, and Allergy-Friendly

The Nice ‘n CLEAN® brand of antibacterial hand wipes from Nice-Pak has joined the growing list of companies sponsoring TeacherLists for the 2019 back to school season.

Nice 'n CLEAN 100 ct wipesNice 'n CLEAN wipes

Just in time for back to school 2019, the Nice ‘n CLEAN brand of antibacterial hand wipes from Nice-Pak has joined the growing list of companies sponsoring TeacherLists, the digital supply list solution that’s making the process of getting students what they need much easier for parents and schools nationwide. As part of the TeacherLists brand family, Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes will help make supply lists and the supplies on them available to parents exactly where, when, and how they want them.

TeacherLists is the only end-to-end digital solution for school supply lists and since 2012 has become increasingly popular as many parents’ go-to site for their school supply shopping needs. In addition to being a free and simple tool for schools, TeacherLists transforms supply list shopping into a seamless task for parents during the busy back-to-school season.

Proper hand hygiene is the easiest and most effective way to prevent the spread of germs in the classroom, but 43% of kids surveyed said they don’t wash their hands as much at school because they don’t have time. Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes are the time-saving, in-the-classroom solution because they kill 99.99% of germs from hands, are easy to use, provide the right amount of solution, and don’t leave a sticky residue-like gel.

What makes Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes so effective is they create friction to thoroughly remove soil, bacteria, and even peanut residue from hard surfaces. The most recent available data indicates that as many as one in 13 children have a clinically significant food allergy—that’s about two per classroom. Proven to remove 99% of peanut residue from hard surfaces, Nice ‘n CLEAN® wipes can help these children on a daily basis while also helping alleviate parental concerns.

“TeacherLists is excited to launch this relationship with Nice ‘n CLEAN,” says Charles Field, TeacherLists CEO. “Our hope has always been to make supply list shopping easier, ultimately resulting in every student heading back to school with the supplies they need to succeed.”

Partnering with Nice ‘n CLEAN antibacterial hand wipes fully supports this mission by offering a product that not only works for everyone at school but is also effective in helping protect kids who have peanut allergies.

“Using wipes on hands and surfaces in school and on the go is an important part of personal and family hygiene. Teach children about hygiene and what they can do for themselves,” advises Robert Julius, chairman and CEO of Nice-Pak, the global wet wipe leader devoted to helping families stay healthy and well, one wipe at a time. “Created and manufactured using only 100% plant-based fibers and gentle formulas, Nice ‘n CLEAN hand wipes help maintain your family’s wellness and planet.”

Nice ‘n CLEAN Antibacterial Hand Wipes are available in 110-count soft packs with a snap-shut lid and 20-count resealable pocket packs that fit easily into backpacks and lunch boxes. For schools interested in including Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes on their classroom supply lists on TeacherLists, there is also an added bonus: Nice ‘n CLEAN® has offered a free sample hand wipe pack to any school that adds Nice ‘n CLEAN wipes to their school supply lists before July 31.

About Nice ‘n CLEAN:
Nice ‘n CLEAN, the only full line of premium wipes including baby, facial, moist toilet tissue, feminine hygiene, lens, and antibacterial hand wipes, is guided by a vision to provide gentle yet effective wet wipe products that meet the specific needs of caring parents, their families, and the environment. Nice ‘n CLEAN® wipes are manufactured by Nice-Pak, the global leader in the design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of premium quality branded and private label pre-moistened wipes. For more information, visit http://www.nicencleanwipes.com or http://www.nicepak.com.

About TeacherLists:
TeacherLists is the smarter way to manage, find, and share school supply lists for teachers and parents, free of charge. After uploading a school supply list once, educators can easily update and link the list to a school or personal website. TeacherLists provides parents the freedom of accessing and finding the most updated school supply list, 24-7. For more information about TeacherLists, visit http://www.teacherlists.com.



Originally posted 2019

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