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Quick Start Lists Make Posting Lists Easier and Faster!

Updated 01/31/20

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Posting your back-to-school supply lists is even easier with Quick Start Lists!


Each year, we review thousands of school supply lists and identify the most common items teachers and schools request for each grade level.  We even look at how many of each item they request.  Then, we create our “Quick Start Lists” – prepopulated lists with all the items you need.

You can add items to the list, remove them, change quantities — even add details such as the color or the brand you prefer — to make the list your own. In fact, Quick Start Supply Lists are a great way to get even more ideas for items to add to your own list. Just another way we are making school supply lists easier, faster and smarter!

Ready to get started on your list? Simply log into your account, and click “Create List”, and then “Student School Supply List.”

create a list screen


Our Quick Start Lists are sorted by grade level — select the most appropriate list to get started. Don’t worry – you can edit the grade level later.

available quick start lists

Your list will automatically be prefilled with the most common items requested for your specific grade level.

back to school supply list


You can now edit this list to make it your own – add other items, delete those not needed or change the quantity required. You can also change the grade level for the list. Click here for more instructions on how to edit a list.


Want to check out the lists before you start? You can view them all here: Quick Start Supply Lists. By the way,  we also have Quick Start Options for Wish Lists as well. Choose from “Arts and Crafts,” “Classroom Celebration,” “Healthy Classroom,” and “Mid Year Refresh.”


Questions?  Check out our support page for more helpful information. Contact us anytime at tlsupport@teacherlists.com or call 800-644-3561 x6.


Originally posted 2014

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