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6 School Administrators You Should Follow on Social Media

These school principals’ posts can help you stay up to date on education issues or inspire you to keep going on challenging days.


by Lauren Bayliss

Fellow educators offer one of the greatest sources of information on teaching and learning. And after a year of distance or hybrid learning and canceled conferences, the conversations that school leaders are having online are more valuable than ever. The next time you are seeking inspiration, guidance, or thought leadership, turn to these district leaders’ accounts–or message them directly–for valuable insights.

Kelley Begley McCall / @mccall_kelley

Not only is Kelley Begley McCall the proud principal of Clear Creek Elementary outside of Kansas City, Kan., but she is also a founder of Moms As Principals. When she isn’t at school taking care of her 580 students plus 60 staff members, or at home with her four children, she is leading a group of women who, like her, have taken on two incredibly demanding careers and rely on a network of like-minded people who can share their best practices, support, and more.

Dr. Amy Fast / @fastcrayon

Dr. Amy Fast knows the ins and outs of the school system like no other. Having worked at all grade levels K-12, she now hosts a podcast aptly called “Steering the Ship with Amy Fast” that discusses the hardships of leading a school virtually for an entire year and the impact it had on her staff, students, and herself. Principal Fast is also an accomplished author, and her book “It’s the Mission, Not the Mandates: Defining the Purpose of Public Education” can be found on Amazon.

Christopher Weiss / @ChrisWeissCT

In addition to leading a K-5 school in Connecticut, Principal Weiss’s mission is to connect educators and innovators worldwide, and he uses his online platforms to do just that. Many posts on his twitter page reference the International Society for Technology Education, which is home to a passionate community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching and learning. One quote that stuck with us while scrolling his feed was, “It’s so important that we make schools fit our learners rather than the learners fit our schools.” For more on building the build between technology and education, check out his page.

Chanivia Patterson / @principalpatterson

Unlike most of the school leaders we feature who choose Twitter as their preferred form of social media, Michigan’s 2017 Principal of the Year uses Instagram to spread her knowledge of helping teachers become leaders. Her page is filled with inspirational leadership quotes, personal tips to achieve success, and details on how she can assist educators who are looking to transition out of the classroom and into the next phase of their careers.

Dr. Robert R. Zywicki / @ZywickiR

Dr. Robert Zywicki is the superintendent of Mt. Olive Township PK-12 in New Jersey. In addition, he is a Future Ready District Leadership Advisor, helping to transform teaching and learning through equity-focused initiatives. His Twitter page keeps the Mt. Olive community informed and up-to-date on everything from COVID-19 guidelines and budget meetings to sports team standings and graduation videos. His page represents how to successfully engage with your school community on all fronts.

Jessica Cabeen / @JessicaCabeen

Jessica Cabeen flew onto our radar during the 2021 National Association of Elementary School Principals conference when we heard her reflect on this past year and her resounding takeaway that “empathy is the core to leadership.” One thing we appreciate about Cabeen, named the 2017 Minnesota Principal of the Year, is the idea of #PrincipalinBalance, which acknowledges the importance of giving yourself grace and permission to rest. Her unconventional leadership style can be seen through her social media accounts, where she often posts gentle reminders like, “Being authentic in your leadership also means admitting you have a lot to learn.”

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Originally posted 2021

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