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Printable: Let It Snow!

Celebrate winter by letting it snow in your classroom with our free snowflake templates!

Let It Snow snowflake printable

Celebrate winter before it is gone! Invite your students to choose a snowflake design (or multiple) and cut it out. Once cut, invite them to hang it somewhere in the room, or in a designated place (like a bulletin board or a string by the windows). This fun activity breaks up the day and allows students to enhance their scissors skills, and all the skills they gain from using those scissors!

Scissors skills are important!

  • They build fine motor skills.
  • They develop hand-eye coordination.
  • They increase bilateral coordination.
  • They improve focus and attention.
  • They help determine hand dominance.
  • They promote visual perceptual tasks.
  • They strengthen hand muscles.

If you want some colorful snowflakes, you can invite students to decorate and design their snowflakes, too!

🔗Download your free “Let It Snow!” snowflake printable!❄️

Originally posted 2024

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