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TeacherLists FAQ: Some Basic Information


What’s the difference between a wish list and a supply list?

Supply lists are typically a list of supplies all students are expected to bring to class, usually at the start of the school year. Typically, supply lists are provided by individual teacher or grade level.

Wish lists are most often items that you would appreciate for your class; not every student needs to bring in every item.

Your wish list may include basic essentials you use frequently like tissues and pencils, and specialty items such as a digital camera or gift cards to a teacher store.


Also, is TeacherLists really free? What’s the catch?

Yes! TeacherLists is really 100% free for schools and parents to use. Always has been, and always will be!

Our site is supported by our generous sponsors and partners, who, together with TeacherLists, provide this free service. We’re excited to make the annual back-to-school supply chore easier for schools and much more convenient for parents.

Originally posted 2018

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Marissa Gigantana


I’m interested signing up to Teacher’s to as a Parent and a VP Group to Eva Turner Elementary School PTO.

Please provide me some information for signing up. I appreciate your kind consideration.

Thank you,
-Marissa Gigantana Collado

Alice Gotes

Our school is not on the list. Could it be added so we can create teacher lists? Address is 185 Riley Smith Rd. Greenville, SC, 29650


If a charity is looking to receive donations for school supplies for students in the county, is it possible to create a list through teacherlist since it is not associated with one specific school? We are looking to make purchasing school supplies as simple as possible, and this seems like the perfect way to simplify the process. It would allow members of our community to purchase supplies in just a few simple steps. This will hopefully encourage more community members to donate and to help meet the needs of all students in our area.