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Updated 06/2/21

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At TeacherLists, we’re all about making it easier for teachers to share school supply lists with families. Here are some ways we can help teachers get ready for the 2021 back-to-school season!

Schedule the date your school supply list goes online

If you have your school supply list ready but aren’t ready to share it with parents yet, we’ve got you covered. Our convenient new scheduling feature lets you upload or create your list and select the date you’d like to have it published so you can make it available to families when the time is right.


Make your supply list automatically renew each year

Imagine if your school supply list automatically updated every year and was available to parents? If your supply list stays the same each year, mark it “evergreen” and we’ll take care of updating the school year for you! As the saying goes, just set it and forget it. (You can remove the evergreen feature and/or edit your lists at any time.)


Easily share your supply lists with parents

However you communicate with parents, we make it easy to share your lists so they can shop for supplies quickly and conveniently. Share your lists via email, post them on your favorite social network, or even add them to your school website! It only takes a few clicks, and your parents will love the convenience of finding their list online and having the option of in-store pickup or one-click shopping from our national retail partners, including Target, Amazon, and Walmart.


Fewer calls to the school office

When you post your classroom supply list on TeacherLists, we automatically share the list with top national retailers. That means the school office will get fewer phone calls from store managers looking for your school’s lists. Stores know sooner what supplies their customers will be looking for so they can be sure to have the items in stock.


Integration with EdTech platforms

We integrate with the EdTech platforms you may already be using, like Vanco, MySchoolBucks, and Smore. Our new school supply list links fit right into existing online web stores, making it even easier for parents to find your lists.


Let our concierge service do the work for you

We know the end of the school year gets hectic, which is we make it easy to get your school or district’s supply lists posted so they’re ready to share with parents before summer break begins. You can send your lists directly to our concierge service and we’ll post them to for you. Contact our concierge at 


Helpful calendar reminders

New this year, all of our emails now have a calendar button that allows you to schedule a reminder on your Outlook, Google, or Yahoo calendars so you’ll never forget to post your supply lists!


Convenient features for school families

We know you love to make things easier for school families, too. Here are some TeacherLists features that can make life simpler for parents at the busy back-to-school time.

  • With our online retailer buttons, families can click to buy their entire supply list from the companies they know and love—a convenience they won’t find anywhere else.
  • Families can easily view and print your supply lists in Spanish. 
  • Parents can sign up to receive a text or email notification when your school posts its lists.

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