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School District Supply List Tools

How To Create and Share Your District’s School Supply Lists

We’ve gathered all the resources you need to easily create and share your district’s supply lists with your schools and parents. Bookmark this page so you can find these resources quickly when you need them.


Best practices for managing your district’s supply lists

Flyers to spread the word to schools and parents

Upload your district’s supply lists

Share your district’s supply lists

Website Banners

Social Media Graphics

Other Resources


Best practices for managing your district’s supply lists

Download our best practices flyer that takes you through posting and sharing your supply lists in five easy steps!

Display your supply lists right on your website

With the TeacherLists custom iframe, you can display your supply lists right on your site. Colors can be customized to match your branding and lists can be translated into multiple languages to serve multi-lingual or non-English-speaking families.


Flyers to share with schools and parents

Flyer for schools—edit this flyer to let schools in your district know you’re using TeacherLists and how they can post their supply lists on our site to share with parents.


Flyer for parents—customize this flyer with your district and school information and let parents know how to find and shop their school supply lists easily and conveniently.



Upload your district’s supply lists

Upload your lists, or use our concierge service and send your lists to us!


Share your district’s supply lists

Once your lists are posted, it’s time to share them with families so they can shop for supplies with just one click. Lists can be shared on your website, via social media, email, or through your district’s edtech portal. See which method works best for your district: TeacherLists.com/share


Website banners

Choose one of our ready-made banners to add to your school website—or grab the TeacherLists logo and create your own!



Social media graphics

Share your lists with families on Facebook or Twitter using our downloadable social media graphics.


Other Resources

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Originally posted 2020

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4 Comments for School District Supply List Tools

Louis Bryson

Informative Article.

Brittany Addison

First year at this school and I have nothing for my classroom. I want my students to feel comfortable and focused in the classroom but the school I’m working at does not supply us with a classroom budget. This is a private catholic school where the budget for supplies is minimal. I can only wish.

Lexi Gonzalez

I already bought the brain flakes for Mrs. Wenham’s class

Kim Burnicle

Last year we were short on:
Crayola Crayons
Glue sticks
Expo Spray