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How To Add TeacherLists to Your Smore Newsletter

Does your school use Smore? Now you can link to TeacherLists directly in your Smore newsletter!



TeacherLists is proud to partner with Smore, an online newsletter creation tool dedicated to helping users create beautiful, interactive newsletters quickly and easily.

Schools using Smore are now able to add their TeacherLists URL to their Smore newsletter. The newsletter can be quickly shared via email or social media, and educators can even see analytics to monitor who has read the newsletters—ensuring that parents and guardians know what supplies to buy their students. Parents will be able to click the TeacherLists embedded URL, easily locate their student’s supply list, and shop for items at online retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and more!

Here’s how to add TeacherLists to your Smore newsletter:

Step 1: Upload your lists to TeacherLists.com


Step 2: Login to your Smore account and create a new newsletter


Step 3: Click + in the field you’d like to embed your TeacherLists URL


Step 4: Click “Embed Link”


Step 5: Insert your TeacherLists URL into the field and click “Embed”


That’s it! You now have an embedded TeacherLists URL in your Smore newsletter—it’s quick and easy!

Originally posted 2020

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