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Printable: Earth Day Bingo

Celebrate Earth Day by playing bingo!

Earth Day Bingo


Before playing, students get to create their own bingo cards! Students color their bingo squares, cut them out, and glue them onto their bingo card in whichever blank space they choose! (Challenge older students to design their own cards by brainstorming Earth Day items as a class. After brainstorming, allow students time to design their cards, drawing these items in each square in whichever order they prefer. Write each of these words on
strips of paper, to be pulled and called during the game.)

No matter the way in which the cards are created, it presents the perfect opportunity to learn about Earth Day by discussing the items on the bingo cards!

Once the bingo cards are ready, it’s time to play! The announcer cuts out their own bingo squares, but instead of gluing them onto a bingo card, they are placed in a bowl. The squares are randomly chosen and called. Students fill in their cards as their squares are announced. They raise their hand, declaring bingo, when they have a full row!

🔗Download your free Earth Day Bingo!🌍

Originally posted 2024

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