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Mindful Moments Challenge Cards

Mindful Moments Play-Doh Challenge Cards

Learning Area: Social-Emotional
Time: Varies depending on how many challenge cards are completed
Grades: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2,Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

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Students will hone their social-emotional skills as they complete Play-Doh Mindful Moments Challenge Cards. One card can be displayed for the entire class to complete and discuss, each student can receive a different card (multiple copies of each will be needed), or students can group together to complete and discuss their card.




    1. Decide how students will complete the Mindful Moments Challenge Cards—as a whole class, as a group, or individually.
    2. Give each student Play-Doh, and access to different colors or the ability to switch/share during the activity.
    3. Give students the challenge cards, and give them time to complete their card.
    4. Allow time for discussion of their challenge.
    5. Repeat with different cards, if desired and time allows.

    Originally posted 2023

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