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5 Podcasts That Will Boost Your EdTech Knowledge

Teachers will benefit from these EdTech podcasts that provide healthy doses of education and entertainment.



by Lauren Bayliss

Let’s face it, with school back in session who has time to sit down and read for pleasure on a daily – or even weekly – basis. Luckily for on-the-go teachers, podcasts have been adopted by experts in an array of fields, giving listeners the ability to dive into topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a lengthy video.

Since the start of the pandemic, the use of technology in the classroom has sped up exponentially, but unfortunately many teachers don’t feel as if they are up to speed. To help you out, we’ve explored the latest and greatest EdTech podcasts that offer an approachable way of learning about education technology.


House of #EdTech

Named the best educational podcast of 2021 by The Podcast Network, House of #EdTech explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach and the impact that it’s having in education. It’s a must-listen for educators who are interested in learning more about topics like how to utilize tools for blended learning or the newest technology apps to try in 2021, and includes interviews with some of the most innovative educators out there.


The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Before we dig into The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast, we should mention that it’s not strictly EdTech material covered each week, but rather a frequent topic of conversation. Host Jennifer Gonzalez was a middle school teacher for seven years before she left the classroom to teach pre-service to other teachers. She quickly developed a passion for preparing and supporting other educators, and from there The Cult of Pedagogy was born. The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast offers insights on teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, and educational technology.


EdSurge was founded in 2011 to connect the emerging community of education technology entrepreneurs with educators. The weekly podcast focuses on the future of education, featuring insightful conversations and debates with educators, tech innovators, and scholars.

Easy EdTech Podcast

The Easy EdTech Podcast, hosted by Dr. Monica Burns, was created after she found success with her blog ClassTechTips. This former classroom teacher, speaker and author shares her favorite EdTech resources for PreK-20 educators so they can make the most out of the technology tools that are available to them. Listeners can search episodes by category, which include reading and writing tools, math tools, social studies and science tools, virtual reality technology, and assessment tools. Each episode also features a coinciding webpage where educators will discover more tech tips and any resources mentioned.


Hosts Eric Guise and Nick Johnson created the GotTechEd podcast in 2018 to provide quality, tech-centric professional development to busy educators who don’t have the time (or energy) to research all the emerging EdTech tools out there. The weekly show covers a range of topics, including pedagogy, trends, and lesson ideas, but always centered around educational technology. By interviewing teachers, students, and leaders in the EdTech world, they hope to provide an engaging platform full of new and unique ideas.

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Originally posted 2021

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